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    I have only tried this in East Coastway but I have set up 2 different services from Brighton to Eastbourne with one stop at Lewis. The first service is with a Talent 2, the other with a class 166. As a side note here, I would love it if there was a small thumbnail of the locos that you can select (especially in Off the rails mode) as I don’t know what a lot of the names are but would recognise them from the pictures.

    In Brighton station I look at the train from outside on either service Talent or 166, and the train is full of passengers. (Note that I did select the loaded option and passenger mode when setting up). Nice I think to myself, but then when it tells me to open the doors, they all get off! I know this sim is all about driving trains but I am now faced with the thought of driving an empty train all the way to Eastbourne. How soul destroying is that!

    Also at Lewis, the station is on the left but the load passengers option only works if you open the right hand side doors. (Not that it matters when you have no passengers :) ) Update: The same happens at Seaford

    Finally, why can you only take a rail fan screen shot (holding down the square button) from an outside view only? It won’t work for me if sat in the cab.
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    I wish that for the car too!

    If you are using a keyboard, you can press F1 to hide everything that is disturbing and then take a screenshot with the controller. It's a bit uncomfortable though and I don't know whether these screenshots will also count as Rail Fan Shots ...

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