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    Please can we have more paths on the scenario planner. It’s ruining what is the key selling point of TSW 2 for me.

    Large stations like Hagen on RSN have 1 useable platform. Anything going to Köln that isn’t on the S-Bahn has the grand choice of 1 platform too. In reality things are coming and going from all platforms constantly.

    You can’t put a train in front of you to create some yellow signals as when you get to the end it will be sat in the one useable platform and you won’t be able to finish.

    Almost all of the freight yards and sidings are unusable.

    Additionally but less important, a ‘go via’ instruction would be awesome too if we want a particular route and a selectable system of priority so expresses are given priority over freight etc.

    Not to mention being able to do return trips would be nice.

    I’m really looking forward to the upcoming Munich route but I can imagine in the scenario planner it will be one or two useable platforms and it will all just look wrong.
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