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    Hello! Today I'm suggesting the Glasgow Southwestern Line from Glasgow Central Station to Kilmarnock with a branch line to East Kilbride. This is a short 32 mile route with a fair few stops and some nice Scottish scenary.

    The Route
    This route is 32 miles long. It has services terminating at Glasgow Central, East Kilbride, Barrhead and Kilmarnock. It has lots of cool new features for players to utilise and should be quite a fun drive with a lot of freight opertunities and some other optional railtour layers.

    Rolling Stock
    ScotRail Class 156

    Screenshot_20231009_114444_Chrome.jpg cropped-CDR-in-Class-156-Working.jpg
    The ScotRail Class 156 Super Sprinter is a 75mph DMU originally built for regional railways by Metro Camel. Currently the only operators that use these trains are Northern Rail and ScotRail and both companies are trying to phase these trains out. That's why I'd like them replicated in game before it becomes too difficult to do such a thing. These trains sounds amazing and have a brilliant roar to them! They have a sleek refurbished Scottish interior with smart p.i.s displays, gaurds pannels, windows at every seat and luggage racks with the scotrail moquette in them. These are really good trains and I'd love for them to be replicated the best way possible. There could also be a feature thrown in that I'd realistic. Every so often a player might encounter an RETB Pannel in the cab. It wouldn't be functional on this route but it would be nice to have and at least look at.

    Colas Rail Class 47

    Everyone knows the class 47 from the old TSW BR routes. I'm suggesting that this train gets revamped with a new livery, upgraded cab and new "clagg" phycics for the train. Let's be honest, don't we all want the original Jacobs crackers train in the game? ;)

    Northern Belle Class 47 with MK3 Carriages

    Again making use of the BR deisils from NTP this train would have a revamped cab but with the addition of a new livery and new coach interior. These trains would have a spectacular northern Belle interior with proper dinning and luxurious comfort inside. Would be brilliant to have this first class journey replicated. This is a seasonal service going between Glasgow and Kilmarnock in the evenings near winter and spring operating by northern Belle.

    These are the top 3 trains I'd like to see on this route. Ofc this route could be done with just the class 156. Or just the class 156 and colas rail 47 but I think all three is a nice combo and would work really well on this route. Please note there is 2 depots these trains can make use of:
    Kilmarnock Bonny town Depot
    Shields Depot

    The class 156 would also layer onto Edinburgh to Glasgow at Glasgow Queen Street for West Highland Line and Maryhill line A.I services to fill the station up a bit more. The trains would also be visible at east field depot. Both of the class 47's would layer onto other routes as well. :)

    Glasgow Central

    Pollockshaws West (change)
    Preisthill and Darnley
    Barrhead (t)

    Pollockshaws West
    East Kilbride

    Sprinting in the rain!

    Drive through a thunder storm from Glasgow Central to Kilmarnock doing a limited stop service and then take the train straight to the depot before the weather gets worse!

    Dying DMU
    A Class 156 has failed at Nitshill. Drive a service bound for Carlisle normally but stop at Nitshill, pick up the failed train and take it to Kilmarnock where you also finish your shift. Let another driver drive your train to Carlisle while you try and take the failed unit to Bonnytown Depot for repairs. Isolate the front failed engine and run with only the rear engine to Bonnytown Depot.

    Freight and Floods
    Drive a Class 47 colas rail freight as far as Kilmarnock and abandoned the service at Bonnytown sidings because it unsafe to continue.

    Luxury Lunch
    Drive a special lunchtime northern Belle service from Glasgow Central to Kilmarnock and then back to Glasgow and then back to Kilmarnock before finishing the service and letting another driver continue the tour to England.

    Smart P.I.S

    When Between Stations scroll showing:
    This Train is for [station name] calling at, [calling points] and [final station]. Loop this when moving. When approaching a station show We are now approaching [station name]. Please mind the gap between the train and the platform as you leave the train.
    When at a station show: "This is [station name]. This train is for [final station]. The next station is [next station] Please mind the gap between the train and the platform as you leave the train. End of service: This is [final station] where this train terminates. Please take your luggage and personal belongings with you when leaving the train. Leaving a normal station: "The next stop is [next stop]"

    They would copy the text as the P.I.S but only announce what is being said the first time the p.i.s change is triggered or when approaching a station, when leaving a station, when stopped at a station or when finishing a service.

    Gaurds Pannels:
    Seen as dtg can't seem to get these as good as JT's of Rivet's gaurds pannels I thought I needed to describe how they should work:
    When door release is pressed all doors release/open.
    When gaurds switch is flicked only gaurds door is opened/closed.
    When doors closed and the gaurds door is open all the doors apart from the gaurds door would close and the guards door would only close when the local door switch is in the off position.

    Realistic Sounds:
    AP sounds please with recordings for door sounds and other miscellaneous sounds.

    I think this would be a brilliant route to have. It's my local route and I'd love to see all these features do
    ne properly in the game. Thanks for reading. Please leave your feedback below. :)
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    ScotRail Class 156 example announcements:
  3. TSW Nathan

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    A number of cab rides here:

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    I was thinking of suggesting this one as this is a good line and it is a way of introducing the Class 156 into the game and to have the East Kilbride branch in could promote DTG to put electrification masts in like they did on GWE between West Drayton and Slough to mimic the eventual electrification of that line :)

    Brilliant suggestion once again mate :cool:
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    Excellent idea and for the layer maybe enable the use of the flying scotsman
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    I don't think the flying Scotsman has ever ran on this line.
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