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Septa Subways

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by hurtfuleagle9, Jul 23, 2021.

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  1. hurtfuleagle9

    hurtfuleagle9 New Member

    Jun 11, 2021
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    You guyss should add septa trains to this game.
    Market-Frankford line
    The septa Market-Frankford line is a subway starting in Frankford at Frankford Transportation center and terminating at 69th street transportation center in Upper Darby.
    The line from Frankford Transportation center to Erie-Torresdale is on Frankford avenue then turns onto Kennsington avenue from Tioga to Huntingon, Then it turns onto Front street for stations York-Dauphin to Girard then it goes in the middle of Highway I 95 For spring garden station then goes undergrouns below Market street from 2nd street to 40th street. From somewhere in between 15th street/city hall and 30th street station the Sub-Surface trolleys go alongside the left and right ends of the Market-Frankford line.
    Then somewhere in between 34th street and 30th street the Sub-Surface Trolleys go their own ways. not to far after 46th street station the Market-Frankford line goes back elevated on Market Street. Then after 63rd Street it turns right to go to Millbourne station in Millbourne county. Not too long after millbourne it turns left again to go to 69th street transportation center.
    Heres a list of a few images and videos to eaiser explain it:


    Here are images of all of the stations including the map.
    This was the best image of Frankford Transportation center i could find
    Broad Street line & Broad Ridge Spur
    The Broad Street Line (BSL) and Broad Ridge Spur (BRS) would be a great addition to the game!
    The BSL Starting at Fern Rock Transportation Center at a semi-ground level station. After fern rock it turns left and goes underneath Broad Street. The BSL goes underneath broad street untill NRG Station/Pattison Avenue in South Philadelphia. The first station after Fern Rock is Olney Transportation center where the Broad Ridge Spur, Broad Street Line Local, and Broad Street line Express stops at. After Olney its Logan which is a Local Station. After Logan, is Wyoming which is also a local stop. Also where the Express and Ridge Spur trains go the fastest at. After Wyoming its Hunting Park which is also a local stop. Then its Erie which the Broad Ridge Sour, Broad Street Line Express and Local stop at. After erie is Allegheny which is a local stop. Then after Allegheny is North Philadelphia (glenwood station on amtrak, njt and septa regional rail) which the Broad Ridge Spur and Broad Street Line Local stops at. Then its Susquehanna-Dauphin which is a local stop. Then its Cecil B Moore/Temple University which is a local stop.
    After Cecil B moore is Girard in which All lines stop there. Then its Fairmount in which the Broad Ridge Spur turns not to far before the station and has its own fairmount station below the Local and Express fairmount. ( the end of the Broad ridge spur will be after the local and express.)
    Every station from now on the express stops at.
    Spring Garden, A nicely styled station.
    Then its Race-Vine/Convention Center.
    Then its city hall with a transfer to the Market-Frankford Line Then at the next station is Walnut-Locust where the Express ends. Also a transfer to the Patco High Speed line. After walnut locust is Lombard-South streets. A very busy station at night times, After that its Ellsworth-Federal, Then its Tasker-Morris. After Tasker morris its Snyder which can also be a busy station at times. Then its Oregon, And lastly its NRG Stadium/Pattison avenue.

    Now for the Broad Ridge Spur, After fairmount it goes past an abandoned station for Spring Garden Heres a video of it: Then its Chinatown and then after cinatown they turn right and divert into one track for 8th street station.

    Heres some videos of the full lines to easier explain it:


    Broad Ridge Spur:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LB8_kig8MjU



    Transportaion: Septa (Southeastern Pennyslvania Transportation Athurity)

    Trains: 1982 Kawasaki BI-V (Broad street trains), 1998-1999 ADtrand M4 (Market Frankford line)

    Broad Ridge Spur: 2
    Broad Street Local: 6
    Broad Street Express: 4
    Market-Frankford line: 6

    Market Frankford Line:
    Frankford Transportation Center
    Arrott Transportation Center
    Erie Torresdale
    Spring Garden
    2nd st
    5th st
    8th st
    11th st
    13th st
    15th st
    30th st
    34th st
    40th st
    46th st
    52nd st
    56th st
    60th st
    63rd st
    69th st Transportation Center

    Broad Street Line:
    Fern Rock Transportation Center
    Olney Transportation Center
    Hunting PARK
    North Philadelphia
    Susquehanna Dauphin
    Cecil B moore
    Spring Garden
    Race Vine
    City Hall
    Lombard South
    NRG Stadium

    Broad Rudge Spur
    Fern Rock Transportation Center (During afternoon and weekends only)
    Olney Transportation Center(starts here at any other time)
    North Philadelphia
    Spring Garden (abandoned)

    Heres a video of the BSl and a image of the map. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ej68B78Knfk

    Please add it this took forever to write
  2. steammaster4449

    steammaster4449 Well-Known Member

    Apr 19, 2020
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    This is the TS 20XX suggestion forum, you're looking for the TSW suggestion forum which can be found here:
    So I guess you'll be writing it all again, though with some heavy copying and pasting involved this time.

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