Sherman Hill (1940s-50s) For Dlc

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    Hello Again Fokes, today, I'm gonna be talking about Sherman Hill in the 1940s-50s. Most of you would know, but for those of you who don't, Sherman Hill is coming to TSW2. I just wanted to do this early because why not. Other than that, lets get started.

    The DLC I would wanna see is Sherman Hill in the 1940s-50s, like Great Western Express Diesel Legends where it takes you back to the 70s, but this is gonna be more complicated to add, you'll find out why after you read this thread.

    The Union Pacific Big Boy is the worlds largest locomotive in the world. This would be the hardest locomotive to add to the game, but I'm just gonna put it there anyways.
    Manufacturer: American Locomtive Company (ALCO)
    Build date: 1941-1944
    Rebuilt: 2019 (4014 only)
    Length: 132 ft
    Top speed: 80mph
    Horse Power: 6,000
    Numbered: 4000-4024


    The Union Pacific Challenger is really similar to the Big Boy, however its cowcatcher is a bit shorter and has got a logo underneath the line on the front of the boiler which says Union Pacific and its number plate. There is 5 different versions, but I just wanna see the newest version.
    Manufacturer: American Locomtive Company (ALCO)
    Build date: 1936-1943
    Rebuilt: 1981 (3985 only)
    Length: 122 ft
    Top speed: 70mph
    Horse Power: (unknown)
    Numbered 4-6-6-4: 3975-3999


    Manufacturer: Alco-GE
    Build date: 1952-1961
    Length: 80 ft
    Top speed: 65mph
    Horse Power: 8,500
    Numbered: 1-30
    This locomotive is already in TSW2 exept it's in Clinchfield livery, but this one has to be in Union Pacific Livery.
    Manufacturer: EMD
    Build date: 1949-1953
    Length: 50 ft
    Top speed: 65mph
    Horse Power: 1,100
    Numbered: (Unknown)

    Thank you so much for listening to this thread, I really hope they can add this. These locomotive are in Sherman Hill in TS, but they should be in the Sherman Hill that is coming to TSW2. Exept in TS, they were just in a mix with all locomotives that have ran in Sherman Hill, so in this game, they should belong in their own time. There was quite a bit of confusion researching some of the loco information, so feel free to correct me by replying and I will edit it. Hope you guys enjoyed and I will see you next time.
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    DLCs: UP E9s and FEFs. Also, UP 4-12-2s are needed.

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