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    I am aware some of these issues have already been pointed out. This being said, after watching the DTG live streams, we are advised to point issues out even if someone else has.

    SD70ACe Issues:
    1) Dynamic Brake - Whilst using dynamic braking, if you apply any other form of braking at the same time (Independent or Auto) the dynamic brake will shut off. I was hauling coal (over 6k T) and the dynamics were not enough to hold the speed so I needed to add some auto brake. The dynamics shut off, which forced me to add a lot of auto, (upto full service) to slow the train. Whilst this was happening, I went over the speed limit for a long period until the brakes finally started to slow the consist.

    2) Seat Height - Once sat in the engineers seat, the view is too high. It is obvious especially during precipitation as the wiper sweeps below the eye line. This results in the gamer being forced to look through the gathered water/snow above the wiper sweep. Also its very hard to see out of the side windows due to the eye line being parallel with the outside sunvisor. Dovetail, I am unsure how easy it is to add an height adjustable seat, I know a few other locos have it such as the BR Class 40 and I believe the BR Class 45. This would be fantastic to add to other locos especially the SD70ACe.

    3) Brake Flow Meter - On the screen inside the cab, the brake flow meter sits on zero regardless of what is happening. This function would be especially useful, after releasing the Auto Brake on a long consist.

    4) Bell Not Audible - I understand after watching the Sherman Hill preview the bell would not shut off and I admit having no bell sound is better. That being said, this issue needs fixing. When turning on the bell via the horn or manually, there is no bell sound.

    5) Fuel Reading in cab - On the Multi Function Display in the cab, it will read upto 16k Gallons. The fuel tank capacity of an SD70ACe is 4,900 gallons.

    Route Issues:
    1) No bridge shadows near Laramie Yard - The first highway bridge we pass under heading south out of the yard has no shadows. Instead the shadows of the vehicles passing above just float over the ground.

    2) Vehicle traffic disappears - After leaving Cheyenne Yard the traffic on the roads disappears. There is then no traffic on the roads (besides the odd bridges) all the way to Laramie.

    3) Fidelity and Draw Distance issues when operating long consists - I'm playing on Xbox Series X so was not expecting this issue. This maybe planned but when running a long consist such as 100 cars the detail on the map is almost nonexistent. Fidelity such as grass, trees, rocks and textures are very poor. The draw distance is lower which results in only 20 cars or so being visible. After running shorter consists (60 cars or less), I noticed a huge difference in how the map looked. I could see the back of the consist in the distance and the fidelity of the vegetation was vastly improved. As mentioned I am unaware if this is planned by taking pressure off the GPU so it can operate SimuGraph better for a 1.6 mile consist. I just don't remember it being mentioned on the Sherman Hill preview stream.
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    Point 1, this is normal behavior and it is working as expected. You need to bail off the independent brake when you apply the auto brake. The dynamic brakes cut out to prevent too much braking force being applied to the locomotive wheels causing slip. This has been discussed a lot already in other posts, there is even some discussion as to weather the locomotive does this in automatically or not.

    Point 2, an adjustable seat would be wonderful! I also feel the current height is too high but not by much. Other locomotives are too low, you should at least be able to see over the control stand.

    Point 3, I agree.

    Point 4, I am able to hear the bell although it is pretty quiet.

    Point 5, I've noticed this as well, I'm wondering if there should be a . before the last number?
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    Well... apart from the sections of interstate, traffic pretty much *does* disappear once you pass the BNSF overpass on the west end of Cheyenne. A pickup or two now and then would be nice, but there isn't much traffic on Otto Road. Hwy 287 south of Laramie, however, does have pretty regular, if light, traffic. The interstate, likewise, has constant, light, traffic.

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