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Sherman Hill: Thoughts, Info, And Speculations

Discussion in 'PC Discussion' started by Blacknred81, Sep 8, 2021.

  1. Blacknred81

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    Aug 24, 2019
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    The Route
    I think for the most part, DTG will included the entire length of Sherman Hill from Cheyenne to Laramie, and both lines (Track 1&2 and Track 3) over the hill. Also I believe part of the Greedly Sub to Denver will be included, with some services heading on and off the sub for timetable mode. One interesting thing to note is the addition of the Swan Ranch Railroad on track 3 near the connection to the Greedly Sub, not sure if DTG will include any of this track, since it would be unimportant to gameplay. I believe it was never included in the TS version of SH as well (Being opened in 2011).

    I also expect the BNSF trackage in the area to be empty as well, due to the BNSF licensing issue.

    The Locomotive
    So the only info we have right now is that the EMD SD70ACe will be the locomotive for this route. Only question is which variation will come with the route, as UP's Ace's can be categorized into 3 areas.

    UP 8309-8620 + UP 1111,1982,1983,1988,1989,1995,1996 & 4141
    These were UP's 1st Ace's, and were the 1st part of the original 518 Unit order. They have a Roof Mounted Headlight and no Isolated Cabs. UP's Heritage Fleet and UP 1111 fall under these orders. (Note gaps in the roster vacated by the heritage units were not filled) UP 4141 is also from this order, but is now retired.

    UP 8621-8823
    There were the later units of the original 518 Unit order. Unlike the 1st orders, these had nose mounted headlights, and an ISO cab, as shown by the seam on the cab.

    UP 8824-9096+1943
    These are UP's SD70AH's which are 8,000lbs (3628.74kg) heavier than standard ACe's and were built between 2014 and 2016. They retain the nose mounted headlight and ISO cabs of the later ACe's. UP 1943 falls under this category.

    I have a feeling that DTG will most likely only go with one variant, and will most likely go with the original order with the high headlight and no ISO cab. However with only 1 loco coming with the route (So Far) They could add both the original ACe's to the route, to give some variety to the route. However I dont feel like any of UP's special units will come, as DTG hasn't included any special or alt liveries in the past outside of SPG.

    The Trains
    As far as the type of trains are concerned, I'd expect pretty much everything that runs on modern US railroads to show up on this route. Only real question is local freight on the route, since no Geep's and SD40Ns are included with the route.

    There was a patch recently that was gonna allow the UP GP38-2 to layer into other routes. Does that mean someone must own PC to get the UP GP38-2 for Sherman Hill?
    Rolling Stock
    As far as the rolling stock goes, I'd expect a good chunk of reused items from both Sand Patch Grade and Peninsula Corridor.

    The 56ft Well Car will most likely be used for the intermodal trains, unsure what containers will be used though, while EMD and UMAX are options for 53ft contrainers (Which I explained here: https://forums.dovetailgames.com/th...erican-container-companies.41604/#post-327930)

    DTG may also use international 40ft containers as well. Which could also bring a new 40ft well car, but I doubt that.

    The Auto rack will also return, but with UP markings.

    The 3 bay covered hopper which was also used on Cane Creek will most likely return for UP's grain trains, however, I'd expect them to be branded with either UP, CHTT, or CMO markings.

    The tank car, center beam, and 50ft boxcar will also most likely be reused as well.

    Some new possible pieces of rolling stock I think could appear are the following....

    -72ft Reefer car
    -50ft High Cube Boxcar
    -Steel Coil Cars
    -Low Gondola
    -Spine Cars
    -High Gondola/Woodchip Hopper

    The future
    I feel like SH could be a stepping stone for a good amount of DLC for the future of TSW2. With Cheyenne being the home of UP's steam program, I'd expect DTG to at some point put out both UP 844 and 4014 as potential Steam DLCs for Sherman Hill. (Whenever DTG gets that implemented)

    Backdating is also an option as a DLC as well. Before 1983, Amtrak used to run the San Francisco Zephyr over Sherman Hill, before that train was moved over to the Moffat Line and renamed into the modern day Califonria Zephyr. UP's older and biggest power also saw use on this line, from the GTEL's to the DD40AX's. So I could see DTG continue to make DLC for the good foreseeable future for Sherman Hill, kind of like how long Sherman Hill lasted on TS1.
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  2. driverwoods#1787

    driverwoods#1787 Well-Known Member

    Feb 21, 2021
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    This used to be a train simulator 21 route I do have a feeling DTG will re render the TS21 freight cars for our European community members in Europe those are Goods wagons into TSW2. DLC Union Pacific AC6000CW then a future roadmap discussion will turn Union Pacific AC6000CW Sherman Hill into its eastern time zone paint CSX AC6000CW Sand Patch Grade. That way you have enough power to operate Q261 12:30 Cumberland to Connellsville Pennsylvania if SD40-2 does operate the train.
  3. appledates#4945

    appledates#4945 Well-Known Member

    Mar 20, 2021
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    Wow, a bunch of info all in one place, thanks for sharing!
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  4. davidh0501

    davidh0501 Well-Known Member

    Apr 29, 2020
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    Nice photos.
    That top one in particular has a lovely muted background.
    I just hope they don’t go for a screaming yellow version.
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  5. Monder

    Monder Well-Known Member

    Aug 14, 2019
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    To be honest I really wouldn't mind this as a special liveries DLC if it's for a reasonable price. The same goes for NS heritage GEVOs (and Aces as well). Imagine how much the variety of these two routes could spike.
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  6. Blacknred81

    Blacknred81 Well-Known Member

    Aug 24, 2019
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    Doing some research on UP train symbols, and using this site as a reference: http://railroadfan.com/wiki/index.php/UP_Train_Symbols#A_Series_-_Automotive

    Here are most of the possible trains that can appear for Sherman Hill.

    A Series (Automotive)
    AKNNSR Kent, WA - North Platte, NE
    AMICH Milpitas, CA - 59th Street Yard - Chicago, IL (CSXT)
    ANPMI Bailey Yard - North Platte, NE Milpitas, CA

    C Series (Coal)
    Unknown due to unfamiliarity with coal mine locations.

    G Series (Grain)

    Note: Grain is ran on an as needed basis, I wouldn't expect all of these trains to appear on the timetable. Loads run East to West, Empties runs West to East.
    GBCRGH Cedar Rapids, IA - Goshen Junction, CA
    GBCRIV Cedar Rapids, IA - Ivory, CA
    GBCRMV Cedar Rapids, IA - East Modesto, CA
    GBC1UM West Oakland, CA (OGRE) - Columbus, NE
    GBGHCR Goshen Junction, CA - Cedar Rapids, IA
    GBGHMK Goshen Junction, CA - Mankato, MN
    GBGHUM Goshen Junction, CA - Columbus, NE
    GBIVCR Ivory, CA - Cedar Rapids, IA
    GBIVPE Ivory, CA - Peoria, IL

    GBMKGH Mankato, MN - Goshen Junction, CA
    GBMKPX Mankato, MN - Pixley, CA
    GBMVCR East Modesto, CA - Cedar Rapids, IA
    GBPEIV Peoria, IL - Ivory, CA

    GBPXMK Pixley, CA - Mankato, MN
    GBUMC1 Columbus, NE - West Oakland, CA (OGRE)
    GBUMGH Columbus, NE - Goshen Junction, CA
    GLHLAD Heron Lake, MN - Artois, CA (CFNR)
    GMGLTR Council Bluffs, IA - Traver, CA
    GMSBTR Sergeant Bluff, IA - Traver, CA
    GMTRGL Traver, CA - Council Bluffs, IA
    GMTRSB Traver, CA - Sergeant Bluff, IA
    GSASPX Ashton, IA - Pixley, CA
    GSBDRG Brownson, NE - Rivergate, OR
    GSBFCA Bradford, IA - Calipatria, CA
    GSCABF Calipatria, CA - Bradford, IA
    GSCBDL Council Bluffs, IA - Delhi, CA
    GSCBMF Council Bluffs, IA - Milford, UT
    GSCBTR Council Bluffs, IA - Traver, CA
    GSCEKI Central City, NE - Kaiser, CA
    GSCPFK Calipatria, CA - Frankfort, KS
    GSCPGQ Calipatria, CA - Sharon Springs, KS
    GSCPNI Calipatria, CA - Newton, IA
    GSCPPY Calipatria, CA - Plymouth, NE
    GSCPSK Calipatria, CA - Salina, KS
    GSCTDL Carleton, NE - Delhi, CA
    GSCTGH Carleton, NE - Goshen Junction, CA
    GSCTTR Carleton, NE - Traver, CA
    GSCWHS Wells Yard - Cheyenne, WY - Hinkle, OR
    GSC4FO Enola, NE (NCRC) - Famoso, CA
    GSC4KE Enola, NE (NCRC) - Keyes, CA
    GSC5GH Albion, NE (NCRC) - Goshen Junction, CA
    GSD1FO St. Paul, MN - Famoso, CA
    GSDLCB Delhi, CA - Council Bluffs, IA
    GSDLCT Delhi, CA - Simonds, NE
    GSDLGB Delhi, CA - Gibbon, NE
    GSDLME Delhi, CA - Madelia, MN
    GSDLMU Delhi, CA - Mountain Lake, MN
    GSDLSN Delhi, CA - Shelton, NE
    GSDLTC Delhi, CA - Tuscola, IL

    GSECKE Elm Creek, NE - Keyes, CA
    GSECPX Elm Creek, NE - Pixley, CA
    GSEXST Elm Creek, NE - Stockton, CA
    GSFGFO O'Fallons, NE - Famoso, CA
    GSFGPX O'Fallons, NE - Pixley, CA
    GSFKCP Frankfort, KS - Calipatria, CA
    GSFMGH Fremont, NE - Goshen Junction, CA
    GSFMKE Fremont, NE - Keyes, CA
    GSFOC4 Famoso, CA - Enola, NE (NCRC)
    GSFOD1 Famoso, CA - St. Paul, MN
    GSFOFG Famoso, CA - O'Fallons, NE
    GSFOG5 Famoso, CA - Ord, NE (NCRC)
    GSFOMD Famoso, CA - Mead, NE
    GSFOTP Famoso, CA - Topeka, KS
    GSGAMF Grand Island, NE - Milford, UT
    GSGBDL Gibbon, NE - Delhi, CA
    GSGHCT Goshen Junction, CA - Simonds, NE
    GSGHC5 Goshen Junction, CA - Albion, NE (NCRC)
    GSGHFM Goshen Junction, CA - Fremont, NE
    GSGHNP Goshen Junction, CA - Bailey Yard - North Platte, NE
    GSGHOV Goshen Junction, CA - Overton, NE
    GSGHWA Goshen Junction, CA - Wakeeney, KS
    GSGQCP Sharon Springs, KS - Calipatria, CA
    GSG5FO Grand Island, NE - Famoso, CA
    GSG5PC Grand Island, NE - Pocatello, ID
    GSG5TR Grand Island, NE - Traver, CA
    GSHSCW Hinkle, OR - Wells Yard - Cheyenne, WY
    GSKEC4 Keyes, CA - Enola, NE (NCRC)
    GSKEEC Keyes, CA - Elm Creek, NE
    GSKEFM Keyes, CA - Fremont, NE
    GSKELX Keyes, CA - Lexington, NE
    GSKEOV Keyes, CA - Overton, NE
    GSKEPY Keyes, CA - Plymouth, NE

    GSKESO Keyes, CA - Sloan, NE
    GSKICE Kaiser, CA - Central City, NE
    GSKIMI Kaiser, CA - Miloma, MN
    GSKIPY Kaiser, CA - Plymouth, NE
    GSKISD Kaiser, CA - Sedan, NE
    GSKRPS Kearney, NE - Port Stockton, CA
    GSLVPK Longview Jct, WA - Pratt, KS
    GSLVWT Longview Jct, WA - Wichita, KS
    GSLXKE Lexington, NE - Keyes, CA
    GSLXPX Lexington, NE - Pixley, CA
    GSLXTR Lexington, NE - Traver, CA
    GSMDFO Mead, NE - Famoso, CA
    GSMDPX Mead, NE - Pixley, CA
    GSMEDL Madelia, MN - Delhi, CA
    GSMEPX Madelia, MN - Pixley, CA
    GSMFCB Milford, UT - Council Bluffs, IA
    GSMFGA Milford, UT - Grand Island, NE
    GSMFSD Milford, UT - Sedan, NE
    GSMHC4 Mountain Home, ID - Enola, NE (NCRC)
    GSMIKI Miloma, MN - Kaiser, CA
    GSMUDL Mountain Lake, MN - Delhi, CA
    GSMUPX Mountain Lake, MN - Pixley, CA
    GSN1PX Northfield, MN - Pixley, CA
    GSNBTR North Bend, NE Traver, CA
    GSNICP Newton, IA Calipatria, CA
    GSNPGH Bailey Yard - North Platte, NE Goshen Junction, CA
    GSPCG5 Pocatello, ID - Grand Island, NE
    GSPGHD Pittsburg, CA - Hammond, IN
    GSPKLV Pratt, KS - Longview Jct, WA
    GSPSKR Port of Stockton, CA (CCT) - Kearney, NE
    GSPSTH Port of Stockton, CA (CCT) - Thumel, NE
    GSPXAS Pixley, CA - Ashton, IA
    GSPXEC Pixley, CA - Elm Creek, NE
    GSPXFG Pixley, CA - O'Fallons, NE
    GSPXHN Pixley, CA - Hanover, NE
    GSPXHY Pixley, CA - Hyland, NE
    GSPXLX Pixley, CA - Lexington, NE
    GSPXMD Pixley, CA - Mead, NE
    GSPXME Pixley, CA - Madelia, MN
    GSPXMU Pixley, CA - Mountain Lake, MN
    GSPXN1 Pixley, CA - Northfield, MN
    GSPXSO Pixley, CA - Sloan, NE
    GSPXVT Pixley, CA - Hastings, NE
    GSPYCP Plymouth, NE - Calipatria, CA
    GSPYKE Plymouth, NE - Keyes, CA
    GSPYKI Plymouth, NE - Kaiser, CA
    GSOVGH Overton, NE - Goshen Junction, CA
    GSOVKE Overton, NE - Keyes, CA
    GSRGBD Rivergate, OR - Brownson, NE
    GSSDMF Sedan, NE - Milford, UT
    GSSDTR Sedan, NE - Traver, CA
    GSSKCP Salina, KS - Calipatria, CA
    GSSNDL Shelton, NE - Delhi, CA
    GSSOKE Sloan, NE - Keyes, CA
    GSSOPX Sloan, NE - Pixley, CA
    GSSOST Sloan, NE - Stockton, CA
    GSSTEX Stockton, CA - Elm Creek, NE
    GSSTSO Stockton, CA - Sloan, NE
    GSSTVT Stockton, CA -Hastings, NE
    GSTCDL Tuscola, IL - Delhi, CA
    GSTHPS Thumel, NE - Port of Stockton, CA (CCT)
    GSTPFO Topeka, KS - Famoso, CA
    GSTRCB Traver, CA - Council Bluffs, IA
    GSTRG5 Traver, CA - Ord, NE (NCRC)
    GSTRLX Traver, CA - Lexington, NE
    GSTRNB Traver, CA - North Bend, NE
    GSTRSD Traver, CA - Sedan, NE
    GSTRY6 Traver, CA - Central City, NE
    GSVSBN Savage, MN - Bliss, ID
    GSVTPX Hastings, NE - Pixley, CA
    GSVTST Hastings, NE - Stockton, CA
    GSWAGH Wakeeney, KS - Goshen Junction, CA
    GSWTLV Wichita, KS - Longview Jct, WA
    GSY6TR Central City, NE - Traver, CA

    I/Z Series (Intermodal)
    ICIG4 City of Industry, CA Global 4 - Joliet, IL
    IG1LA Global 1 - Chicago, IL East Yard - Los Angeles, CA
    IG2SC Global 2 - Chicago, IL Centennial Park - Salt Lake City, UT
    IG4LB Global 4 - Joliet, IL ICTF - Long Beach, CA
    ILAWG East Yard - Los Angeles, CA West Chicago, IL
    ILBG3 ICTF - Long Beach, CA Global 3 - Rochelle, IL
    ILBG4 ICTF - Long Beach, CA Global 4 - Joliet, IL
    ILTG2 Lathrop, CA Global 2 - Chicago, IL
    INPOA Van Yard - North Platte, NE Oakland, CA
    IOANP Oakland, CA Van Yard - North Platte, NE
    ZBRG2 Brooklyn Yard - Portland, OR Global 2 - Chicago, IL
    ZG1SC Global 1 - Chicago, IL Salt Lake City, UT
    ZG2BR Global 2 - Chicago, IL Brooklyn Yard - Portland, OR
    ZG2LT Global 2 - Chicago, IL Lathrop, CA
    ZG2OA Global 2 - Chicago, IL Oakland, CA
    ZG4CI Global 4 - Joliet, IL City of Industry, CA
    ZLTG2 Lathrop, CA Global 2 - Chicago, IL
    ZSCG1 Salt Lake City, UT Global 1 - Chicago, IL
    ZSCG2 Salt Lake City, UT Global 2 - Chicago, IL

    L Series (Local)
    LDE01 Laramie, WY Hermosa, WY
    LDE98 Speer, WY Granite, WY
    LDE99 Granite, WY Speer, WY

    M Series (Manfest)

    MBFNPS Blacks Fork, WY Bailey Yard - North Platte, NE
    MCYDV Wells Yard - Cheyenne, WY Denver, CO
    MCYGR Wells Yard - Cheyenne, WY Green River, WY
    MDVCY 36th Street Yard - Denver, CO Wells Yard - Cheyenne, WY
    MDVGR 36th Street Yard - Denver, CO Green River, WY
    MFRNP Fresno, CA Bailey Yard - North Platte, NE
    MGRCY Green River, WY Wells Yard - Cheyenne, WY
    MGRNY Green River, WY North Yard - Denver, CO
    MHKNP Hinkle, OR Bailey Yard - North Platte, NE
    MNPFR Bailey Yard - North Platte, NE Fresno, CA
    MNPHK Bailey Yard - North Platte, NE Hinkle, OR
    MNPMI Bailey Yard - North Platte, NE Milpitas, CA
    MNPML Bailey Yard - North Platte, NE Mira Loma, CA
    MNPRO Bailey Yard - North Platte, NE Roper Yard - Salt Lake City, UT
    MNPTGS Bailey Yard - North Platte, NE TG Soda, WY
    MPCNP Pocatello, ID Bailey Yard - North Platte, NE
    MRVNP Davis Yard - Roseville, CA Bailey Yard - North Platte, NE

    O/R/U Series (Bulk)
    Like the grain trains, these are on a as needed basis as well.

    Soda Ash
    OBTWV Black Thunder Mine, WY Green River, WY
    OWVBT Green River, WY Black Thunder Mine, WY

    UEAWOE Albert City, IA East Oakland, CA
    UEBJOE Sioux City, IA East Oakland, CA
    UEC5OE Albion, NE (NCRC) East Oakland, CA
    UEC7OE Columbus, NE (NCRC) East Oakland, CA
    UEDGOE Dana, IA East Oakland, CA
    UEEBOE Emmetsburg, IA East Oakland, CA
    UEEYOE Eddyville, IA East Oakland, CA
    UEFEOE Fairmount, MN East Oakland, CA
    UEGROE South St. Paul, MN East Oakland, CA
    UEIHOE Blue Island, IL (IHB) East Oakland, CA
    UELKOE Liberal, KS East Oakland, CA
    UEOEAW East Oakland, CA Albert City, IA
    UEOEBJ East Oakland, CA Sioux City, IA
    UEOEC5 East Oakland, CA Albion, NE (NCRC)
    UEOEC7 East Oakland, CA Columbus, NE (NCRC)
    UEOEDG East Oakland, CA Dana, IA
    UEOEEB East Oakland, CA Emmetsburg, IA
    UEOEEY East Oakland, CA Herlake, MN
    UEOEFE East Oakland, CA Fairmount, MN
    UEOEGR East Oakland, CA South St. Paul, MN
    UEOEIH East Oakland, CA Iowa Falls, IA
    UEOELK East Oakland, CA Shamrock, KS
    UEOEPJ East Oakland, CA Mason City, IA
    UEOEPM East Oakland, CA Mason City, IA
    UEOEUM East Oakland, CA Doulum, NE
    UEOEWK East Oakland, CA Wood River, NE
    UEOEY7 East Oakland, CA Grand Island, NE
    UEOEY8 East Oakland, CA Central City, NE (NCRC)
    UEOEY9 East Oakland, CA Grand Island, NE
    UEUIUM Stockton, CA Doulum, NE
    UEPJOE Mason City, IA East Oakland, CA
    UEPMOE Mason City, IA East Oakland, CA
    UEUMOE Doulom, NE East Oakland, CA
    UEUMUI Doulom, NE Stockton, CA
    UEWKOE Wood River, NE East Oakland, CA
    UEY7OE Grand Island, NE East Oakland, CA
    UEY8OE Central City, NE (NCRC) East Oakland, CA
    UEY9OE Grand Island, NE East Oakland, CA

    WCYLVB Wells Yard - Cheyenne, WY Level, NE As needed Ballast train
    WCYTDS Wells Yard - Cheyenne, WY The Dalles, OR As needed Ballast train

    WGRCCZ Green River, WY Corpus Christi, TX As needed Herzog train
    WLVCYB Level, NE Wells Yard - Cheyenne, WY As needed Ballast train

    Of course, this list isn't fully accurate, as there may be some trains that aren't listed there, and some of these symbols may not be accurate as well. Some of these trains could also run on a different line, such as the Moffat Route.

  7. porawit

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    May 23, 2021
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    you forgot Union Pacific GTELs

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  8. EpilepticWeasel

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    Nov 16, 2020
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    Nice work putting this together. I really hope with these two new American routes that we will get spine cars with trailers on them as these are an essential piece of American high priority Z trains, not sure if DTG could get the license for FedEx or UPS to put their trailers on there but that would be really cool. Also a side note, the line to Denver is the Greeley Sub getting it's name from Greeley Colorado, not Greedly.

    In your other post about the trains that run here, one of the locals that is left off that list is the LLZ51 called affectionately the Laramie Lazer, runs between Cheyenne and Laramie. The GP38 would be a great fit for this, but UP is notorious for using any power in their fleet on local operations.
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  9. solicitr

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    Jun 20, 2020
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    Antiques; haven't been run in over 50 years
  10. solicitr

    solicitr Well-Known Member

    Jun 20, 2020
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    Not entirely true; there's the "Trainbow" 395 in SEHS, and the MSB 185.2 comes in both DB and Railion liveries. And the Class 37 in TVL comes in two slight variants of Railfreight Grey.
  11. Blacknred81

    Blacknred81 Well-Known Member

    Aug 24, 2019
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    Which, neither are located in the NA, so Ill still hold my doubts.
  12. driverwoods#1787

    driverwoods#1787 Well-Known Member

    Feb 21, 2021
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    Interesting some of the destinations are on Peninsula commute DLC. Looks like Caltrain DLC can give GP38-2 to this route. Not sure If Union Pacific actually operates ES44AC on this route if so a reskin of Horseshoe curve ES44AC Skyhook Games fits here in UP paint.
  13. Blacknred81

    Blacknred81 Well-Known Member

    Aug 24, 2019
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    There is literally 0 locations on the Peninsula Corridor that appear on that list. The closest would be Milpitas, but that yard isn't represented on PC.
  14. Mich

    Mich Well-Known Member

    Sep 4, 2020
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    The idea of adding 844 or 4014 as a addon pack for the modern version's just a horrible idea for TSW. There'd be almost no content to use them for in such a pack, you'd have one run in each direction of the line, and two short yard moves, maybe could also do a short turn around service if Laramie is still depicted with the wye track. At any rate you'd likely be done with everything in a afternoon if you're going just off of prototypical operations. Could come up with a few decent ideas for scenarios to maybe extend that another afternoon, but that's about it. People already complain about things like the MP15 not having enough content, I don't think the general player base would tolerate something like this.

    As for having something like a GW Legends pack I feel like the route would need too much modification for such a pack. The big steam like the Big Boy and Challenger you need water stops if you're hauling heavy tonnage over Sherman or Harriman. And if they're doing it based on the present day there's no longer a good place to turn around the engines at Laramie. The version in TS Classic is based around the early 2010's when they still had the wye track, but that got torn up between 2011 & 2014 I believe, so there's no longer anyway to turn things around. You'd need to do new trackwork for a new timetable to accommodate steam, and considering with GW Legends we got nothing modified I'd question if DTG have the ability to do things like lay new trackwork just for a new timetable.

    Frankly I kind of think they'll end up pulling a Riviera Line in the Fifties and use the modern route as a base for a backdated version. As that would allow for those changes and perhaps far more drastic changes beyond that as well. Also would probably have higher sales and profit margins than a addon timetable. Not to mention making a standalone version means they could easily do addon steam and diesel (or even the GTEL) locos for it on top of it. Where as a steam timetable for Sherman Hill would need the original route, and any addon locos beyond that would likely need both the route and timetable to work.

    If they do a addon timetable my suspicion is that they'd do a 80's era timetable for it with the DDA40X. there's a lot of documentation of them, so modeling them wouldn't be much of a problem. And sound wise using recordings from the SD40-2 would work fine for them seeing as they use the same engines. Also would have easy second and third locos that could be added to the pack in the form of the SD40-2 & GP38-2 as both were pretty common toward the latter part of the Centennial's career, and indeed would be fitting since both are byproducts of the DDA40X program.
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  15. hostler#4361

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    Jun 1, 2021
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    Do you recall the “Fast 40s” — the SD40-2s that were geared to run between a pair of DDA40Xs?
  16. josuesleyer

    josuesleyer New Member

    Aug 23, 2021
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    The year is 2016, DTG launched the trailer of the announced train simulator 2016, a Gas Turbine appeared. 6 years later, the announcement of a route makes the hope of this trailer come true.
  17. franco0707

    franco0707 New Member

    Sep 9, 2021
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    This route would have been a perfect time for the developers to introduce steam trains to TSW2, but I imagine we still have a bit of time to go for steam engines.
  18. Crosstie

    Crosstie Well-Known Member

    Dec 8, 2016
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    Sherman Hill will be fine, but, personally, I'd prefer the other end of Wyoming, the Wasatch Grade with maybe some SP/UP traction. And, much as I would welcome Norfolk Southern into the game, whenever I think of Horseshoe Curve, I see a Pennsy F7 or the old Broadway Limited
    I think we have enough "modern" freight with SPG and Cane Creek now. Time to wind the clock back again.:)
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  19. heyitspopcorn

    heyitspopcorn Well-Known Member

    Oct 6, 2017
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    I don't know that I would consider SPG/Cane Creek/Horseshoe Curve especially 'modern' as represented in the game. Cumberland Yard doesn't really exist anymore in the way it's represented in SPG. All three are riffs on the GE AC4400CW (which are 20-30 years old) and the EMD GP38-2/SD40-2 (which are about 40 years old). I would love to see a truly modern freight route with PTC and modern Tier 4 locomotives like the SD70ACe-T4 and Tier 4 GEVOs. Maybe Dash 3 rebuilds if they revisit CSX.

    But I would like to see another vintage freight route. As long as it doesn't include another SD40. An ALCO unit or a high-hood GP7/GP9 would be a new driving experience.
  20. Mich

    Mich Well-Known Member

    Sep 4, 2020
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    As someone who actually supported a modern version of Horseshoe over the older one honestly I agree. It feels like a huge missed opportunity to not have backdated both of these routes. Even putting aside steam since it can't be done right now there's lots of interesting older diesels that have ran over both over the decades. To me it feels like they're doing the modern incarnations of the routes because they're the easiest to do, not because current day's the best time period to depict them.

    It's a shame because I know Sherman Hill has tons of reference material out and about if you're willing to track it down. It would be one of the easiest routes to do a backdated version of since so much railfanning's happen over the years, plus a lot of the route is actually still pretty similar to how it was back in the day. I would assume same for Horseshoe considering not only its popularity, but the fact DTG's original version was a 40's/50's era version, so they must've had at least some decent reference material to go off of at the time.
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  21. Callum B.

    Callum B. Well-Known Member

    Aug 9, 2018
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    Just the Railion livery. The regular DB livery substitutes from RSN.

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  22. pugilist3

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    Nov 2, 2020
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    I am glad they are doing the modern versions of the routes! I like to run the routes as they are today with current locomotives used by the railroads.

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