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Siemens Sc-44 Charger Locomotive

Discussion in 'Loco Suggestions & Proposals' started by Average_Joe57, Nov 24, 2018.

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    The SC-44 Charger is a high speed diesel-electric passenger locomotive built to meet the U.S. EPA's Tier 4 Diesel Emission Standards. The Charger is manufactured by Siemens Mobility in Florin, California which is near the state capital of Sacramento. The Charger is the primary successor of the EMD F59PHI and GE P42DC that were/are frequently used on Amtrak's state-supported routes. The Charger has a top speed rating of 125 mph. The Chargers purchased by the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) have an aerodynamic spoiler installed on the roof of the locomotives to match the height of the bi-level California, Surfliner, and Superliner cars used on the Amtrak California services. The Charger is the direct competitor to the EMD F125 and the MPI MP54AC. Amtrak is the primary operator of the SC-44 Charger, they operate on state-supported Amtrak intercity routes. These routes include the Pacific Surfliner, San Joaquin, Capitol Corridor, Lincoln Service, Hiawatha, Illini, Saluki, Illinois Zephyr, Carl Sandberg, Pere Marquette, Blue Water, Missouri River Runner, Cascades, and the Wolverine. The Maryland Area Regional Commuter (MARC) have also purchased the SC-44 Charger to replace their electric AEM-7 locomotives. The commuter lines COASTER and ACE have also ordered the Charger for their fleets. The higher-speed intercity rail service in Florida known as Brightline (now Virgin Trains USA) have ordered 10 SCB-40 trainsets. Brightline's Chargers differ from the rest because they are part of a trainset and have 4,000 HP engines as opposed to the 4,400 HP engine found in the SC-44. [​IMG] A typical Amtrak SC-44 Charger in Chicago, Illinois, credit goes to the Akron Railroad Club. [​IMG] A Caltrans SC-44 Charger with the roof spoiler, credit goes to Railway Gazette. [​IMG] A typical Brightline SCB-40 trainset, credit goes to the Southern Palm Beach County- The Palm Beach Post. [​IMG] The cab of a typical Charger locomotive, credit goes to Craig Walker.
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