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    I was playing the service mode on the GWE route when I saw a red sign I had to mention that I was going to finish my second service the red signal appeared before I got to reading I mentioned it because there was an update that was supposed to run errors because What I see I need to correct this I do not know if this also happens in rapid transit and northeast corridor New York if you can still please mention it.
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    What was the Service number of the Service you run where it appeared? Also did you stop and wait at the red signal? Did it change or did you get stuck there? Because a red signal itself can happen of course if your ahead of your shedule / need to wait for a train to pass and so on.
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    You may see red signals on the line that you are still allowed to pass. In the Drag Line scenario where you need to reach a broken down loco to haul it back to the garage you need to cross a red signal since the block is occupied by the faulty train.

    In this situation a 'calling-on' signal is used to indicate that permission has been granted to pass the red signal:


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