Signalling Issues On German Routes

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    Hello everyone,
    I don't know if it has been adressed already - sorry if I missed it.
    Being a former train driver with DB, came out of it about 15 years ago I'm still quite familiar with the German signal system and how it works also in conjunction with PZB.

    I've noticed a couple of flaws in displaying the correct ZS3v aspects on distant signals. This aspect is missing on many, not all (strangely), distant signal Vorsignal indications.
    I have noticed it a lot on Hauptstrecke Rhein-Ruhr and the home signal when entering Gem√ľnden on the Main-Spessart line is a prime example. The home signal does show a white speed indication (Zs3) like it should do, depending on the track you're driving in you get a slow approach (Hp2) indication and a 30/40/60 indication as a white illuminated 3/blank for 40 or a 6 which is perfectly correct.
    1 km before that at the respective distant signal it shows correctly a Vr2 (expect slow) but the screen for the Zs3v where you should find an orange indication with a 3 or 6 doesn't appear which is wrong.
    Just as an example...

    Has anyone noticed the same issues?

    tsw team: please get back to me on that one as it would add that extra bit of realism and if you need detsils let me know.

    Happy Easter everyone & stay safe and healthy
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