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Solved - Problem With Rro Mcre Br185.5 Petroleum Freight Run Completion

Discussion in 'PlayStation Discussion' started by Gronk Honker, Dec 2, 2020.

  1. Gronk Honker

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    Mar 27, 2020
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    Hi everyone, you probably know about the massive wheel slip and gradient issues bugging RRO’s mid-afternoon MCRE BR185.5 petroleum freight run from Hagen to Langerfeld Yard via Ennepetal. You turn off all the safeties and rip it out of Hagen, but the 1.9 grade still brings you to a grinding halt 5km from Ennepetal. Time to roll backwards while thrashing 100% throttle. And so you can’t finish the freight chapter in Journey mode.

    Never fear — an easy way exists to complete the service, so you can complete Journey mode. Just crack a sneaky uncouple on as many petroleum wagons as you need, and leave them behind at Hagen. I ditched the rear ten. Then I bashed up the grade with full power, ignoring wheel slip all the way. I made it to Ennepetal doing 100km/h, and from there soon made the Yard. Sure, I got unexpected vehicle formation errors at each checkpoint. But I completed — with a gold.

    Hey DTG team — the unceasing wheel slip that plagues the BR185.5 when applying over 75% throttle doesn’t occur between Ennepetal and a point about half a mile outside Langerfeld Yard. I ran up the grade straight after Ennepetal station at full throttle doing 120km/h with no slip. Then the slip came back just as I was approaching the yard at 60km/h. So perhaps there’s an issue with track setup that’s contributing to the 185.5’s wheel slip issues ...???
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