Fishing Sim World Some Small Improvements In The Tutorial

Discussion in 'Content and Feature Requests' started by MokraMrkva, Nov 27, 2019.

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    Hi, thank you for this awesome fishing game and thank you for listening to the players.

    I would definitely recommend updating the tutorial or adding info to the descriptive texts of various equipment. It should be clear what kind of impact do rods, reels, line, lures and hooks have on game play. As of now, I have discovered that with some rods you can cast further. Some reels seem to retrieve line faster. That is cool but I don't know if they impact the game in any other way (it's okay if they don't, I would just like to know so that i don't miss on something). Obviously you can't catch big fish with weak line, but it doesn't say anywhere that you will get less small fish if you try to catch them with thicker line and I can't say for sure that is the case (Seems like it is, but not sure 100%. Would like it to be that way.). Regarding the hook and bait size, it seems to work as intended. At the moment, tutorial for lures just says that fish will like different ones (by the colour) in different weather conditions, I think. Or does it say so only on your web site? What does that mean? Do you have to consider just colours or does the material influence the end result too? Do some species prefer top water over diving lures or it doesn't matter? Do some species prefer different retrieval methods?

    Also, liked the pumpkin head from Halloween event.
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    The rods and reels are probably from sponsors of the game, in which case DT can’t “rate” them at all because that would imply one product is better than another. If they say one is better than the other it could cause issues with the sponsors. Some rods are better than others with regards to casting distance but that’s pretty much it. Its a shame really because the only gear you get that actually affects your gameplay has no scale as to which is better other than price. It’s a waste of TP in most cases to upgrade your gear unless you’re changing gear ratio or rod size. Its like playing a shooting game where every weapon is the exact same damage/fire rate/capacity and the only difference is how they look. Now that its set up this way i can’t see them ever changing it without pissing a sponsor off. This game has a ton of potential.
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