Some Suggestions I Have. (might Post Each Individually Later)

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    Toronto TTC subway line. Honestly DTG, I’ll even let you decide which one. It doesn’t matter. I just want a route that I recognize.

    same goes with any GO Transit line. You already have the coaches modelled from the baby bullet and I don’t see the engine being too difficult to remodel from the MP36-3PH to the MP40-3PH.

    Steam workshop support for liveries.

    Have the option to just control the doors while an AI drives the train and vice versa. (Especially for the above mentioned routes)

    Every route should have a “just mess around” scenario like sand patch grade does. Honestly, that should also be an option on the scenario editor. Just be able to place any random train on any line that I can get in a drive with no objective.


    and please convert the preserved collection to allow immersive controls. It’s so frustrating when you play on one route for a few hours then switch to one from the PC and have to re adjust to the controls again. (Seriously this one should NOT be that hard to do)

    I also like how more of the train can be interacted with, but I’d really like to see this built upon. There’s still quite a few buttons and switches that you can’t use in game. And if a train has a screen in it, please let the screen be usable.

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