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Some Thoughts On In Game Statistics

Discussion in 'General' started by GOrd0n Bennet, Feb 26, 2018.

  1. GOrd0n Bennet

    GOrd0n Bennet

    Sep 10, 2017
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    Some time ago Dovetails Stephen asked for thoughts about the anglers log and lots of us gave some feedback and not a lot happened. Although no development time has yet been set aside for this its possible that its an area of the product that Dovetail regard as being in need of some improvements.

    With that thought in mind and having now owned and extensively used this product for 6 months I offer the following thoughts on in game statistics that would greatly enhance the experience for me.

    (1) Personal statistics
    (a) Session Statistics
    As has been noted by many contributors to these forums the game could really use a session catch log with a list of the fish caught and baits. Along with overall weight (in the selected unit of measure) for the days catch. Admittedly I can get the last of these (total weight) by starting each session as a multiplayer session but it would be nice to have that information along with a catch list available in solo play as well.
    (b) Cumulative statistics
    The anglers log currently lets us see how many fish of each species we have caught and the best weight for each species which is fine as far as it goes but would be much better for me if I could check the best fish of each species caught this day / week and month. This would give me a personal challenge (to beat my best roach for today, this week or month etc). Better yet the game could let me know when I had beat one of my personal best weights. At the moment the fact that the 14+Lb Tench you just landed is your all time personal best goes unremarked by the game.

    Finally on the topic of personal statistics it would be nice if the list of boss fish not only noted that we had caught a particular boss fish along with how often but also allowed us to look up a list for each fish that let us see (at least for the last 3 captures) when, where and on what bait we caught it..

    (2) Multiplayer Statistics
    Currently the game has no multiplayer statistics but I'm sure that a leaderboard for each lake that showed the anglers ID along with the fish weight for the 10 best fish of each species in the lake caught this day / week and month would add some interest to specimen hunting. I have excluded bait and swim from these leaderboards as that may be giving away successful anglers secrets that they may not want to share.

    A multiplayer version of the boss fish list would be a really useful resource and may even help you as it would resolve (one way or the other) the controversies around fish Like MC's in foundry that may or may not be catchable. Instead of searching the forums for a catch photo that may or may not have been posted We could simply look at the multiplayer boss fish list and find the last 10 anglers to have caught a particular fish (or possibly a blank list).

    Well that my two cents worth. If your developers are feeling a bit bored (now you dont have content to turn out for the season pass) you could do worse than implement some of these.

    Happy Fishing

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