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Some Thoughts On Pro Tour

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by GOrd0n Bennet, Aug 12, 2019.

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    Sep 10, 2017
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    I have been Dovetail fishing for a couple of years now and Ill start this post on a positive. This product is probably the best fishing simulator available for the Xbox. I haven't played fishing planet which I know has recently landed on the Xbox but from the preview videos I have seen doesn't seem to be anywhere near as comprehensive as FSW.

    Love the new career mode, The money seems to be just a way of keeping score but thats no biggie. At least it gets me fishing the various venues and the vague element of competition is quite fun. I dont get too much of a feel of fishing a competition as the AI seem to haul in preditable amounts for a given type of tournament regardlesss of the venue / conditions.

    The new species are a mixed blessing. The trout and Barbel all look good (apart from the odd albino Rainbow) but the barbel like the head of tench a a nusiance catch in all of the competitve modes. A shame.

    Well thats it for positives. Much about this product is still very annoying.

    1) Match fishing is a joke. I have never seen a fishing match where the score is kept on the number of fish caught and in the context of this game it makes tench / barbel totally pointless as they take too long to haul in when your after numbers not weight. In the real world match fishing is based on fishing lakes with a good stock of fish in the 1-10LB range, these lakes are usually heavily fished so match anglers tend to use light tackle, and of course you fish a random peg.

    In the game there are only two single player matches (yes there are some more on the American lakes but these are more like predator tournaments than true match fishing).

    There is also no match series in the Pro-Tour.

    Match fishing would be greatlly improved if it used the random peg feature, was featured in the pro-tour, had tackle restrictions to make it mimic the restrictions that match anglers operate under when fishing on heavily fished venues (max hook size / line breaking-strain), was scored on total weight of fish caught and was limited to lakes where ledger and float fishing is going to catch fish.

    2) All of the American lakes can only be fished with boats and lures. What gives? I know from watching fishing videos on YouTube that Americans go carp fishing and sometimes walk the bank and fish from it. Even in a boat its only possible to use one rod at a time so you cant leave a deadbait out while lure fishing. Are bass cat boats really that crap? I used to use a couple of rods when fishing from a punt on the Thames so why cant I when using a custom built fishing boat. It doesnt have built in rod holders? I suspect that the truth of this is that ledgering doesnt work on the American lakes but its very annoying.

    3) Float fishing needs looking at. You cant put a float rod down as you wont be able to pick it up and strike. I fish a lot and on every lake I fish the banks are lined with anglers with floats out and there rods in rests.

    4) including Gillhams (sp?) in the predator and carp pro-tours makes no sense. In the predator series you cant land most of the fish here in less than 20 mins and despite having fished here quite a lot for carp I catch very few and have never caught a Siamese Carp despite trying most of the baits, hook sizes and lines.

    5) Euro-Fishing used to include the passage of time when free-fishing which added hugely to the experience of fishing a lake in free mode. Its lack makes these same lakes feel somewhat flat when doing the same in FSW.

    Well thats my £0.02 worth.

    Tight Lines


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