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South Devon Main Line

Discussion in 'Route Suggestions & Proposals' started by PomPomCookie, Oct 2, 2018.

  1. YES, including the Riviera Line!!!

  2. Yes, but without the additional Riviera Line section.

  3. no... (Please comment why)

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  1. PomPomCookie

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    Mar 8, 2018
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    South Devon Main Line
    The South Devon Main Line runs from Exeter to Plymouth through the beautiful scenery of South Devon, as well as almost 5 miles of running directly next to the sea along the SDR Sea Wall. In this section the only thing between the train and the sea is a couple of fences and a tourist path.

    Rolling Stock:

    HST Intercity 125:
    The HST Intercity 125 is a popular high speed diesel train set, comprised of a Class 43 diesel power car on each end (built between 1975 and 1982 by BREL at Crewe Works) and any number of Mark 3s, usually 4-9 (built between 1975 and 1988 by BREL at Derby Litchurch Lane Works). The train sets can travel at up to 125mph, and are operated all around the UK. The Class 43s are 18m long, and the Mark 3s are 23m long. On the South Devon Main Line, these sets are used for high speed express services by CrossCountry and Great Western Railway. FirstGroup have already licensed GWR in TSW, and Arriva have already licensed CrossCountry in Train Simulator.

    Class 220 Voyager:
    The Class 220 Voyager is a DEMU operated by CrossCountry. It is comprised of 4 coaches, or 8 when working in multiples of 2. They were built by Bombardier Transportation in Bruges between 2000 and 2001, and they entered service in 2001. Driving coaches are 24m long, and intermediate coaches are 23m long. They have a top speed of 125mph, even though on many of their routes they only travel at speeds up to 90-100mph. As Arriva have already licensed a CrossCountry Class 220 in Train Simulator, branding wouldn't be an issue. This could potentially be an add on DLC for the base route.
    Class 800 IET:
    The Class 800 IET is a new BMMU being built by Hitachi at Hitachi Newton Aycliffe for GWR and LNER. It has been in production since 2014, and a mixture of 9 car and 5 car units are being built. The Class 800/0 is a 5 car variant for GWR and the Class 800/3 is a 9 car variant for GWR. They have a top speed of 140mph, but that is limited to 125mph when not using in cab ETCS signalling. Coaches are 26m long. As mentioned before, FirstGroup have already licensed GWR in TSW. This could potentially be an add on DLC for the base route.
    Class 150 Sprinter:
    The Class 150 Sprinter is a DMU built by BREL in York between 1984 and 1987. These trains operate a wide variety of commuter services for GWR, and one of the most popular commuter trains in the UK. Each coach is 20m long and can travel at up to 75mph. These units have many subclasses using different formations of 2 and 3 coaches, with makes 4 or 6 coach units when worked in multiples of 2 which they commonly are. GWR operates the Class 150/0, 150/1 and 150/2. Class 150/0 (3 coaches) and Class 150/2 (2 coaches) are the 2 types of unit I think should be added. LIke I have said twice before, FirstGroup have already licensed GWR in TSW.
    Class 66:
    The Class 66 is an diesel electric locomotive built by Electro-Motive Diesel between 1988 and 2015. It is 21m long and has a top speed of 65mph. Freightliner operates this locomotive hauling cement to Moorswater. The locomotive leaves half the cement wagons at Hackney Yard near Netwon Abbot station while it hauls up the first half wagons to Moorswater. It then comes back down to haul up the other half wagons. Freightliner locomotives were common in Train Simulator so they can easily be licensed. These would be added with the appropriate containers.

    The Route:
    The route would run from Exeter St Davids to Plymouth, with a branch line to Paignton. There are many amazing features which could be added:
    Laira TMD:
    Laira TMD is home to some GWR HST sets. CrossCountry also uses it's facilities, but doesn't store any trains there. It does have the Class 08 shunter, but it isn't a major feature of the route.
    Hackney Yard:
    Hackney Yard is a series of sidings near Newton Abbot station. One of the main uses of these sidings is Freightliner's services to Moorswater. The locomotive hauls the cement wagons to here, before splitting in half. The wagons are taken to Moorswater, then the train returns to take the other half wagons.
    SDR Sea Wall:

    The SDR Sea Wall is the only thing seperating the train from the coast for almost 5 miles of the line. It is a truly beautiful sight and is a great thing to drive a train along. It is great.
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