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South Wales Coastal Scenario Pack - Suggestions Wanted.

Discussion in 'Creation Centre' started by JFH, Oct 1, 2018.

  1. JFH

    JFH Member

    Feb 19, 2018
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    Hey all,

    It's been a while since I've posted anything scenario related. But now I have some news on that front.

    There's two parts to this, so let's get the easy one out of the way.

    The easy part is I'm currently in the process (with another user on this forum) creating a YouTube channel. Now obviously it's going to be railway related, here's some basic info for you:
    • Channel content will be split into two different main types: IRL Railway Photography, Train Simulator Content. I'm responsible for the latter. My content will include (but won't be limited to):
      • Train Simulator Scenarios (which will all be available to download and play)
      • Virtual Railfanning (You've probably seen my video at Chester already.)
      • Reviewing other scenarios by other Steam/DTG forum users (with consent, obviously)
    We're still in the process of setting everything up but we expect it to be live soon. When? I'll give you a hint: (just promise not to hold us to that deadline if/when you work it out.)

    Now for the second bit, which is where I need you lovely people (hell even DTG staff can chime in too if they want, I'm an equal opportunities suggestion taker. :)

    One of the first things going up on that channel will be a scenario pack for the South Wales Coastal (my local line) and I thought since the whole point of my channel is to showcase community made content, (both mine and others) why not ask you guys what scenarios you'd like to see in that pack. I've already got a few ideas myself. (I won't spoil them all, but I'll give you a few ideas):
    • CrossCountry Class 170: Cardiff Central to Nottingham
    • EWS Class 66: Margam T.C. to Newport Docks (2 part scenario)
    • Great Western Railway Class 166: Cardiff Central to Taunton
    • Colas Class 56: Chirk Kronospan to Baglan Bay
    Now for the difficult bit...

    I want this pack to be available so most people can play it, however to make them the best I can, there will be a few DLC requirements. As a BASIC requirement. You'll need these 4 pieces of DLC and I will ensure some scenarios only use those pieces. Some scenarios will need 3rd party DLC and/or reskins but I will make that clear when they're published.

    The 4 DLC required will be:
    • DTG South Wales Coastal - Bristol to Swansea
    • DTG Class 170 Turbostar
    • DTG Arriva DMU Pack
    • DTG European Loco & Assets Pack
    Depending on which scenario you'd like to play there will be additional DLC required and I promise to keep it to a minimum (no more than 3 or 4 per scenario on top of the core)

    With that being said, I'll leave you to post your suggestions here, oh and obviously if we use them, you get full credit for them, We're not that evil.

    - JFH
  2. JFH

    JFH Member

    Feb 19, 2018
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    Little update for y'all.

    We current have 20 (1 is a two-parter) scenarios planned for this pack, and each one uses a different piece of traction for each one. So you'll be working both freight and passenger services.

    Just to tease you, here's some names (that may change) for the scenarios, anyone want to take a guess on what they might involve?


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