Southeasrern High-speed Preservation Crew Focus

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by kosti.nuuja, Aug 27, 2021.

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    Oct 14, 2020
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    This may sound silly, because SEHS is NOT part of preserved collection. But it needs a big update, because there's many problems, that may cause a major impact to gameplay. The route scenery is also a big disappointment. TSW2 routes are expected to be realistic and well-modelled. The scenery inaccuracies plus photorealistic graphics cause a very invasive result. Chatham mainline scenery is OK, but HS1 is a big disappointment. The first major problem on HS1 is catenary. DTG just reused the catenary from LGV Mediterranee. (And that catenary is inaccurate for LGV too.) The tunnels are also a big fail. There are many lighting issues in the HS1 tunnels. The scenery on overground section of HS1 is NOT something that we expect for TSW2 routes. The sounds are also a big disappointment. DTG has put Dosto sounds for class 395, and the engine sound is not audible in 395 cabin. There's also unnecessary emergency brakings on Chatham main line when driving 395. This route would require preservation crew focus, because there's so many things that needs to be updated. Here are some update suggestions:

    -Audio improvements for class 395
    -Scenery update for HS1
    -Improved lighting for HS1 tunnels.
    -Updated catenary for HS1
    -Fix for Emergency brake problem when driving 395 on Chatham main line.
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    Please fix daylight inside cab in parts of the tunnels, DTG.
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    There is also a problem with the PIS where the Javelin services say 'Ebbsfleet International and Stratford International' and don't say St Pancras, the other one is the Rainham trains where they say 'Chatham and Gillingham' and not Rainham
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