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    Hi, my name is Xavier Stanton and I live in Dallas, Texas. I don't know if this will make it through to dovetail games, the train sim world 2 or anything up under the umbrella for that matter but I have a absolute great suggestion for some new routes and rolling stock if you're willing to listen. Here where I live we have this humongous transit system or web(if you will) that consists of the Dallas Area Rapid Transit(D.A.R.T.), Trinity Railway Express(T.R.E.), TEXRail,(which both fall under the Fort Worth Transit Authority(F. W.T.A.) and Denton County Transit Authority(D.C.T.A) systems respectively. All 4 of these systems are not just special to me but the majority of the people who use it and railfans alike. I want to break down the systems a lil bit. The D.A.R.T. system consist of 4 lines spanning 96 miles between all 4 lines with (red, blue, green and orange) which all converge in the heart of downtown dallas in which the agency calls a transit mall. Each line has a personality of its own especially the red line,(my personal favorite)but my favorite station of all is the famous Cityplace/Uptown station. It's like If a piece of the New York City Subway came to texas and didn't want to leave. The rolling stock is comprised of kinki sharyo SLRV's.(super light rain vehicle) The T.R.E. Is a commuter rail line that runs from downtown Dallas to downtown Ft. Worth. The line is very popular between both cities or fare zones I should say. This line has 10 stations traversing 31 miles, the stations that stand out the most to me are the Ft. Worth I.T.C(Intermodal Transportation Center) station, Centreport station, Victory station and Dallas Union station. The TEXRail is another commuter rail line within the metroplex spanning about 26 miles running stadler F.L.I.R.T. series 3 along the historic cotton belt line that takes passengers from downtown Ft Worth and takes them to the largest airport in texas. DFW International Airport. Last but definitely not least is the D.C.T.A.'s A-Train. This line travels 21 miles using Stadler's GTW's from downtown Denton(home of the University of North Texas and the Texas Women's University) to the Trinity Mills station in carrollton where transfers are made with D.A.R.T's green line. By the way, as we speak, D.A.R.T. is in the midst of constructing they're own commuter line called the silver line along the historic cotton belt line.
    I would mean so much to me if you and your team can add this to train sim world 2 but if you can't add them all, the D.A.R.T. system would be recommend.

    If you will can you email me at I would really appreciate it. Thank you.
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