Surprise New Passenger Services On Great Western Express

Discussion in 'PC Discussion' started by WonterRail, Jun 20, 2022.

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    Now in the update notes for Great Western Express today, one of the big things being added to this route is a couple of new freight services, which include two cement services using the PCA wagons from the Class 31 add-on and one extra aggregate service using the HKA hoppers (good to see that wagon getting a bit more use here, even if it isn't much).

    Now before the update, the total service number on GWE was 339, so these new services sould in theory, take that number up to 342. So imagine my surprise that when I boot up this route for the first time post update, the number of services had actually gone up to 344. I was curious about this why that had happened, so I went on the hunt to see what was pushing that number up by two services, and as it turns out, both the Class 43 HST and the Class 166/2 have received 1 new service each, and they are not small depot moves, they are actually full-line runs along the whole route. The services in question are listed down below.

    New Class 43 HST Service: 8:19 1A06 Weston-Super-Mare to London Paddington
    New Class 166/2 Service: 15:33 2P60 Reading to London Paddington
    What makes this doubly weird is that these services where not advertised anywhere in the update notes about their existance. We knew in the weeks beforehand that this route was getting cement services, we only just found out in the update notes today that this route was receiving an extra HKA hopper services, but I never saw anywhere that these services where being added as well (or maybe they did at one point and I just wasn't paying attention at the time). Some might argue that these services existed before the update, but I checked my pdf timetable (which was made before that update and I will be updating it with the new services that came today at some point), and I couldn't find these services anywhere on that pdf.

    So I guess that's somewhat of a nice surprise to see two new passenger services come with this update, along with those new freight services. Interested to see why these got added and I look forward to seeing what you have to say on this one.
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    Probably cuz there was space in the timetable to include those services. Adding a service to a timetable mode can make every service unplayable and break the game. They have to then play each service manually or something if they were to add a ton of extra services.
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    Hiya, Good spot! I suspect these were always in the timetable but marked as AI only and in all the sanity checks and refurbishment work on GWE they were correctly marked for player access and thus now appear for selection.
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    Somehow the position of the static train is a bit off.
    Also, there is a bug with the motion blur inside the train. (I think the bug with whole trains is known)

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