T1, T9, T7 And Blue Mountions Line [poll]

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    The T1 line also known as North Shore & Western Line is a commuter rail line operated by Sydney Trains in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. It serves the North Shore, parts of the Inner West and Western Suburbs. This line had an annual ridership of 142,853,000 in the 2017-18 year. This line also goes over the Sydney harbour bridge.

    The T9 line also known as the Northern Line is a commuter rail line operated by Sydney Trains in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. It serves some of Sydney's Inner West and Northern suburbs. It was spun off from the old T1 North Shore, Northern & Western Line as a separate line in April 2019, to distinguish and make it more easily identified from the other T1 services. It is also a reincarnation of the older Northern Line which was under operation until 2013.

    As part of Sydney's successful bid to hold the 2000 Olympic Games, a new Sydney Olympic Park precinct was built. Included was a railway that traversed a similar route to the former Abattoirs branch. The line was built with a balloon loop and the two-track, four platform Olympic Park station. The line utilised the existing eastern bridge over the Great Western Highway which had previously only carried one track but was wide enough to accommodate the two laid. The new line opened on 8 March 1998.

    Blue Mountains Line
    The Blue Mountains Line is an inter-urban commuter rail service operated by NSW TrainLink serving the Blue Mountains region of New South Wales, Australia. The line travels west from Sydney to the major town of Katoomba and on to Mount Victoria, Lithgow and Bathurst. Mount Victoria is the terminus for most electric services, but some services terminate at Lithgow instead. Due to electrification limits at Lithgow, the Bathurst Bullet is run using the Endeavour railcars. The Blue Mountains Line operates over a mostly duplicated section of the Main Western line. As such, the tracks are also traversed by the Central West XPT, Outback Xplorer and Indian Pacific passenger services and by freight trains. There were 10,154,000 passengers in 2019.

    The line is operated entirely by NSW TrainLink V sets. As the electric overhead wiring ends at Lithgow, diesel-electric Endeavour railcars operate the services to and from Bathurst. All-electric Blue Mountains line services start and terminate from the intercity platforms (4-15) of Central (Sydney Terminal) station. During the weekday off-peak, they operate hourly, alternating between services to Mount Victoria and Lithgow. During the morning and afternoon peaks, some express services operate, together with short workings to Springwood and Katoomba. There are two services each way from Bathurst to Central, known as the Bathurst bullet, mainly catering for commuters working in Sydney. Two services run toward Central in the morning and return in the afternoon. Two shuttle services operate from Lithgow to Bathurst in the early morning and return to Lithgow late at night. Some of these diesel services operate at different times on Wednesdays to allow for the Indian Pacific. Some off-peak electric interurban services on the line only consist of four carriages, with peak hour services usually consisting of eight carriages. Regional diesel services on the line consist of two carriages.

    There is Freight running on some if not all these line though I'm not too sure where from or where to.

    Rolling stock
    T set - Used on T1, T9, T7 (special events)

    H set - Used on T1, T9

    A - used on T1, T9, T7 (weekends, public holidays and special events)

    M set - used on T7 (Weekdays)

    V set - Used on Blue Mountains line

    Endeavour Railcars - Used on Blue Mountains line


    I know that all this together would be quite long but it would also be a great introduction to Australia
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    Yes and for freight Trains Only the Northern Line receives them because the flat sections from Sydney to Maitland for Brisbane but none on Blue Mountains Line due to steep section lapstone to Lithgow.
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    Excellent post! Although I'm a bit confused how this is different from your T1 and T9 proposal especially when you consider the length of a typical TSW2 route. The only changes are really the short T7 branch and the appearance of Blue Mountain trains. Is it simply that this is a more complete version of that proposal and gives a more complete look at the rolling stock on that route?

    I've added it to the list of Australian proposals found here:
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    IIRC Goulburn has a railway museum which might offer excuses to run some interesting rolling stock. I think it's also where the branch to the ACT joins the main line.

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