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    So first of all, I have to say that it's very big disappointment that the BR 101 does not come with the IC control car. In reality, you almost never see an IC without a control car, so this Loco DLC is like making the ICE, with only one end. Especially in this case it's very problematic, because that means, we will never see the IC control car, as it almost only can be seen with the BR 101 in reality. Does this mean, we will never get a full german IC? It was such a big chance, as it could've been added to almost every existing route and because it can be seen on many german routes, it could've been on many future routes.

    But I guess, they will not change their plan of not doing the control car, so we have to accept it.

    But hey dovetail, as I understood, you want the community to give realistic feedback. So, yes you will not add the IC car, but there's an even bigger problem for many players and that's something you are able to change.

    It's only available for HRR, but why only on one route?
    First of all, there is no problem for RRO, because there you don't need an IC control car and it would finally add a long distance service to RRO.

    Then there's HMU. I don't know, if it's not possible to add more layers to the route, because of the issues on console, even if it will be fixed, but if it's possible it would be so important, because the IC is an essential train on this route. I know the problem is, that there is no IC control car and therefore it's almost impossible to add it, but it's not completely impossible. There are 4 possible ways to still add it on HMU:

    1. I know this is not very realistic, because you would need another Add-on, but I will explain it anyway. In reality there are the EuroCity services, operated by ÖBB and without a control car. In this case, a BR 363 could pull the coaches out of the station, then the BR 101 goes to one of the sidings, the BR 363 pushes the coaches back to the station and finally the BR 101 couples with the coaches again. I know that won't be an option, but for completeness, I included it.

    2. This option would be possible, even if it's not the most uncomplicated one. After the BR 101 arrives with it's coaches at Munich HBF, another BR 101, which was waiting on one of the sidings, would come to the back of the arrived train, then couple with the coaches, while the previous loco, uncouples. When the new train leaves the station, the uncoupled BR 101 goes to the siding to wait for the next arriving train.

    3. I think, this is the most realistic option. It would be possible to let the IC go as a "Sandwich train" on HMU, with a BR 101 on both ends. In this case it's possible to go to Munich HBF and leave, just by switching the cab.

    4. This option is the easiest one, because it requires only one BR 101 and the IC coaches. In this case the IC goes from Augsburg to Munich Pasing, and then leaves the map, just like the freight services, to Munich Ostbahnhof. If the real timetable should be maintained, there would only be one train in both directions. To have more IC traffic, extra trains would have to be added, which would still be possible.

    To sum it up, the fact that, it's only planned for HRR is the biggest disappointment. The BR 101 has a maximum speed of 200 km/h and on HRR there's only a maximum speed of 160 km/h and not even LZB. Furthermore, HRR is the second shortest german route and in my opinion a high speed train should be available to drive on a high speed route. And yes, it's possible to simply create a scenario, but that's not timetable mode and not comparable. Even if it's not that easy without a control car, don't limit it to one route, there would still be so much potential, so please take the community feedback as serious, as you did before. TSW is a great game and it has the potential to be the best train simulating game ever.
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    please dovetail game, add class to all german route and with control car too
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    I just mentioned it in another topic, but in The Netherlands the BR 101 IC carriages don't drive with a cab-car, instead a loc is shunted to the other end for it's return journey.
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    Well great, but unless we're getting a route in the Netherlands that isn't realistic. Deutsche Bahn intercity services almost always run with a cab car.
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