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The Polar Express

Discussion in 'Content Suggestions & Proposals' started by Rasucit Nemilos, Mar 17, 2019.

  1. Yes, there definitely should be!

  2. No, it’s not important enough.

  1. Rasucit Nemilos

    Rasucit Nemilos Member

    Feb 23, 2019
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    Somebody should make an addon that implements the Polar Express into the game. There is already a Berkshire engine on TS but it doesn’t give off the same vibe as the Polar Express. I think that if it were added to the game, the Polar Express would have these features:

    Air Brake - 100.0 PSI
    Boiler Pressure - 273-280 PSI
    Tractive Effort - 68800 lbf
    W/ Booster - 82200 lbf
    Max HP - 6500
    Max Eff. Speed - 65 MPH
    Top Speed Possible - 100 MPH
    100% regulator
    12% cutoff
    Base Water - 18000 gallons
    Base Coal - 19450 kg
    Max. Feedwater Rate - 1.4 gallons/second
    Min. Feedwater Rate - 0.9 gallons/second
    Max. Stoking Rate - 1 kg/second
    Min. Stoking Rate - 0.65 kg/second
    Ideal Firemass - 72-77%
    77.5" drivers

    The controls should look almost identical to the ones shown in the actual movie and move similarly as well. It’d also be awesome if the whistle could vary in volume depending on how far the rope was pulled down. The bell could be almost like a cross between the NKP Berkshire and the sound upgrade of SP 4449, which could make a new and catching sound. The whistle should sound as close as possible to the whistle of the Polar Express in the movie so it seems real. The locomotive should weigh 456,100 pounds (familiar?) and be 64"5.5' long, and the tender should weigh 386,900 pounds and be 44"1.5' long, which would total a realistic 843,000 pounds and 108"7' long.

    As for the coaches, they should look as the did in the movie and have a passenger view similar to the default coaches. Of course, these will look much better than the default coaches. They should only come in two variations, one called "PolEx. Coach" and the other called "PolEx. Observation Coach". They should each be 80ft long and weigh 50 short tons.

    If it is too much work to make a new engine, tender, and coaches that appear as the Polar Express did, I will understand. However, I do think it would be an interesting addition to the game. If anyone else supports this, please send it to a developer who could make this a thing.
  2. 777Gaming

    777Gaming Member

    Sep 13, 2018
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    Interesting idea, but if they did add the PE into the game, it would most likely be a reskin of the NKP Berkshire. :P
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  3. Rasucit Nemilos

    Rasucit Nemilos Member

    Feb 23, 2019
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    True true. Also if you want to get the Berkshire to go faster I’d put the daylight function on it. Of course I just realized that if you did that and added a new bell and whistle to it, then someone did a rolling stock repaint on some coaches it could pass off as the Pol Ex

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