The Salisbury Line

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    The Salisbury line was features before in another train simulator by dovetail. It ran over the yadkin river from Salisbury to halls ferry NC. it would be nice to see that remastered and updated. It runs a lot of coal; scrap; intermodal, and Manifest. If the rockwell short line is included with the yard further west, then short business trains can be added too. Exchanging cars for star lite and other companies along the single rail short line that branches off
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    You are talking about the Norfolk Southern N-Line from the 2020 package, also available independently. The line is served by three passenger trains: the Carolinian, the Crescent, and the Piedmont. The route we have was designed as a freight route, with only Salisbury Station represented. The NC Transportation Museum, however, is presented as a point of interest in addition to various industry along the line.

    If there was going to ever be any attempt to revamp the line, it would have to be extending passenger services. To that end, the Crescent and the Carolinian are each over 700 miles, with the Crescent alone being a 1,400 mile drive. The Crescent has a long way to go in either direction while the post-Salisbury end of the Carolinian could be represented.

    However, the best shot here is to create the route of the Piedmont. It runs from Raleigh to Charlotte, which encompasses the existing N-Line in the route; unfortunately, since the N-Line is a newish release itself, there is no point to any revisit of it except perhaps in the Workshop as part of a route merge. As a result, I would focus, if at any part of this route, on the area from Raleigh to High Point. This is 97 miles of driving and would complete 131 miles of the full route while giving us some passenger service. They can later be merged if the origin point matches, and the stretch from Kannapolis and Charlotte done in the Workshop by anyone wanting to fully recreate the path of the Piedmont train. On the 97 miles being focused on, meanwhile, we have stations at Raleigh, Cary, Durham, Hillsborough (planned but not yet built), Burlington, and Greenboro to add to the journey before High Point.

    The likelihood of this happening seems low, but DTG has been known to revisit areas to extend lines before. You never know.

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