Things That I Think Ruin The Immersion And Realism On The Bakerloo Line.

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    When playing the Bakerloo, I come across many things that don't feel/look right.

    1. The lack of passengers.
    As some of you might know, during the day, the Underground can get very crowded. With people packed onto trains like sardines or and full platforms. Now, it might be difficult to increase the number of passengers on console to the point of the real underground (and I'm sure people won't want that because you wouldn't be able to walk out of the cab) but I think there definitely needs to be an increase because some of the stations feel deserted.

    2. Incorrect or missing sounds.
    I've noticed in TSW 2, Dovetail amplified the traction motor noise than what it is IRL, it's way too loud in-game. The same thing can be said for the clicks the train makes when putting the throttle into a higher notch.

    Track noise is basically non-existent and it is easy to notice that it's not there.

    I also think the door opening and closing sounds need to be refined a little with more of a click than a bang (yes I know its an old tube stock)

    Announcements are a big thing as well. On routes where the train is supposed to have announcements, they aren't there. You aren't able to turn on or click an automated announcement from the in-cab display. Without announcements, the line feels lifeless. (On the September 29 Roadmap stream, they mentioned that they are trying to figure out how to get announcements to play properly when entering stations.)

    3. Electricity Sparks.
    In Real Life, the wheels on the train start to spark when going over junctions and other pieces of track, however, this is not in the game. (Sam said the team will start looking into this to bring it to the game)

    4. SPADS.
    When you run a red signal IRL, the train's brakes get tripped and the operator will need to get the train back up and running. In the game/simulation, this causes an immediate service/scenario failure. Yes, it isn't good to run a red signal, however, it happens fairly often, the service shouldn't just end, the game should allow the operator to regain control of the train and get moving again.

    5. Bugs and inconsistencies.
    There are many, MANY bugs with the Bakerloo Line. One of the bugs is that the speed limits are triggered by the back of the train instead of the front. Wires and Speed Limit signs in the tunnels are too low and signs are difficult to see when playing without the HUD. This is to the fact that signs don't reflect light the right way.
    Another bug can be that the headlights are too dim and they don't shine light far enough. (Actual Bakerloo operators say this as well.) Headlights in the game only shine for about 5-10 feet instead of the 20-25 feet it does IRL. Certain station signs clip through the train as well.

    6. The lack of services.
    In real life, there's about a train every 3-5 minutes whereas, in the game, trains come about every 15-20 mins. (Amount of services will be increased a little with the new timetable) Without many services, the immersion factor goes away. Without any trains on the ECML (like 377’s) or any overground trains (could use 313’s when it comes out) makes the route feel abandoned/deserted.
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    I like the idea that running a red won’t immediately end the game. Instead, you should be penalised pretty heavily on AP, but allowed to continue - especially on Bakerloo with so many signals in the tunnels.
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