Toolkitfortsw Better Support For Profile Backups And More

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    I have published an update for ToolkitForTSW with some interesting new features and bug fiexes.
    Save your progress
    At the forums I still see people loosing all their progress, because of a corrupt or missing profile file. ToolkitForTSW has a backup function since a long time, but now you can select a location for backups by yourself and create a backup of your vital data each time you start ToolkitForTSW. Note, you need to turn this function on once.

    Experimental settings
    You probably know ToolkitForTSW has an editor for the game settings and a few more advanced settings. In the new version, you can manage the settings for virtually all settings the unreal engine and TSW2 expose. .

    Get the new version now!
    You can download the new version right now. Except for these new great features there are some more new things and also a number of issues is solved now.
    Download it from my website:
    Navigate to the TSW tab at the homepage and scroll down a bit.
    Do not forget to have a look at the manual that comes with the toolkit and please subscribe to my mailinglist.

    Note that virsusscanners may complain about the Toolkit the first few days. This is because they never will trust rand new programs. Make sure to use a safe download link. The links in this mail are safe and same thing for the links at my website.

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