'tragedy' On Tsw - Passenger Struck!

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    TRUE GAME STORY: I am an experienced PS4 TSW player with a number of expansions & over 7,000 game miles traveled. Recently (just prior to the TSW 2020 PS4 patch update) I sat down to play a relaxing evening of the German Rapid Transit (RT) route. After starting at "Dessau Hbf" station I arrived at "Raguhn" and unloaded my passengers. A number of them left the platform and walked toward the near-by road crossing. I departed and was accelerating toward the crossing, when I noticed a cluster of AI passengers at the blocking gate... I sounded a warning horn (for sim fun)... and then was shocked to see one pedestrian step ON to the track!!

    I saw him pass beneath the train in the center of my driver's window before I could react. After applying the emergency brake, I left the cab and checked the front of the Talent-2 loco & walked back to the crossing... no signs of the event... did not look under the train :-/
    I was stunned - Never expereinced such an event in the sim.

    Later in the evening, after addressing some real-world tasks, I tried the simulation again (but with a whole new serious attention mindset). After starting at "Dessau Hbf" station, I arrived at my first stop ("Dessau Sud" station) and was decelerating to the platform... but with a more wary eye on the few AI figures waiting there (and my hand firmly on the brake handle)... when an AI woman stepped off the platform directly in front of my slowing train, cutting across the tracks to the other platform! I instantly applied full emergency brakes & and saw her pass by the front corner of the loco (thought for a moment I had side-swiped her - it was CLOSE!).
    I hopped out, saw her on the other platform & walking toward its center. I gave her some graphic comments and then continued my interrupted (& time-delayed) journey...

    This time at "Raguhn" station, I shifted to an external camera view at the road crossing, while the passengers de-trained. I started the train SLOWLY moving forward and watched events at the crossing gate. Only a single passenger approached the gate. He turned toward the center of the road and walked along the closed gate, until he reached the small gap between the two lowered gates... and turned & crossed the track ahead of the (slowly) approaching train. Wow!

    I continued the rest of the trip without any events. Wonder if these were just an unusual glitch, a result of a programming tweak or just weird. At any rate, a VERY memorable & unexpected sim experience!!! (I still actually feel bad about the struck AI character, and now treat driving in this simulation with even more attention to the game environment). Thanks Dovetail, for bringing this engrossing sim to the PS4!
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    That was 1 of the new features of TSW 2020, suicidal npcs to give more realistic life to the game. loool
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    Don't worry, NPCs aren't harmed when hit by trains. If you're incautious enough to be hit by one yourself, you'll know it passes straight through you without incident, occasionally teleporting you aboard into a comfortable seat.
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    I just finished a service on the long island railroad and was walking to the other end of the train to head back to Jamaica when i noticed the passengers sunk into the platform
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