Train Sim World 2 Update Notes - 15th December 2021

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    Feb 25, 2021
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    Today we are bringing updates to the Arosa Line in preparation for the RhB anniversary pack, and we have one additional optimisation update for Sherman Hill.

    • Fixed an issue where coupling certain vehicles would cause a game crash.
    Arosa Line update
    • Improved expected arrival times for services in the timetable.
    • Made minor improvements to audio including traction motor audio and windscreen wiper audio.
    • Updated RailDriver functionality
    • Updated the power transition on the throttle to reduce acceleration 'jumping'
    • Updated text translations
    Sherman Hill
    • Fixed instances where players experienced an ‘Out of Memory’ error while playing Sandbox Switching.
    The update will download automatically for owners when it becomes available. Players should allow at least 24 hours after restarting Steam, EPIC Game Store or their console for the update to appear and before contacting Customer Support.
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