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    These forums are a place for the Train Sim World community to discuss tips, tactics and techniques for getting the most out of their game. It is also a place for the game developers to gather useful information that helps them make better choices for future updates. To achieve that, the community team work hard to keep these boards helpful and on-topic.

    Failure to follow these rules can result in your posts being moved, locked, edited or deleted, and may result in your posting privileges being removed.

    Inappropriate Content
    This forum is intended to be usable by people of all ages, to that end posts containing profanity, obscenity, insults, personal attacks, accusations or abusive language will be edited or removed and can result in disciplinary action being taken.

    Using asterisks (*) or other characters to get around language filtering is still considered profanity, as is using abbreviations that stand for profanity. Post titles, signatures, avatars and other images are subject to the same restrictions as post content. Even if the post content is not objectionable, posts can be edited if the title violates those rules. If others have posted in reply, and all the replies feature the same offending title, then the entire thread may be removed.

    Racial, religious or sexual slurs may result in immediate banning.

    No Flaming
    This includes any kind of personal attack, flame, targeted harassment or intimidation either by board posts or private messages.

    "But they flamed me first!" is NOT an acceptable reason to insult another poster. A flame war is a flame war, and it doesn’t matter who started it. If you have concerns about the treatment you are receiving at the hands of another poster, don’t respond in kind; use the report tool.

    Many arguments cannot be won, and simply end up going round in circles taking discussions ever further away from the original topic. When disagreements resort to "Since you seem to be slow, let me repeat my points for the tenth time..." it's a sign that the argument is going nowhere, and the thread will be locked. This is the internet, you will not convince anyone of anything at any point. They are entitled to their opinion in the same way you are.

    Stay on topic
    If you’re posting in the main forum, don’t start talking about your favourite band - we’ve set up different forums so that all the posts in one area are relevant to specific aspects of the game. If you want to talk about the weather or suchlike, use the Off Topic forum.

    No spamming
    Spamming includes posting the same post multiple times in a forum, repeatedly posting on the same topic in different threads, or posting the same post in multiple forums.

    Multiple posts, whether on the same boards or different boards, will be locked or deleted.

    No thread bumping
    Posting messages with irrelevant content for the sole purpose of keeping certain posts near the top is called "bumping". This causes other posts to scroll off the first page faster than they should, and will not help your cause. More likely is that your topic will be locked. The same thing goes for "necroposting" (commenting on an ancient topic, for the same purpose).

    If you think of something you’d like to add to a post after making it we recommend editing your original post instead of making an additional one. Bumping threads may cause them to be locked, and can result in persistent offenders losing their ability to post.

    Reporting Posts
    Should you spot a post you feel requires the attention of a member of the community team you should report it by using the report tool. Please be aware that while this forum is moderated regularly it may not always be possible to address posts that require moderation immediately, however all “problem” posts will be dealt with.

    Abuse of the report tool will be subject to the same discipline as abuse of any other system in place on this site.

    Private messages
    This message board allows users to send private messages to one another through an enclosed system. While this means that while no other public user will be able to read the contents of your message all PMs are subject to the same moderation as the rest of the forum, and may be viewed by the community team.

    Sending offensive personal messages to someone through our boards system can be considered harassment or a personal attack, and will be subject to the same discipline as posts made on the regular forums. If you receive a Private Message and it makes you feel in any way uncomfortable please report it immediately.

    Internet Savvy
    Please remember that people you meet on the internet are not necessarily who they seem.

    Personal details (full name, mobile, email address, home address, home phone etc) should not be revealed to anyone.

    If you are in any doubt, contact a member of the community team.

    For further information on being safe online we recommend visiting

    Signatures, Avatars, Links, and Screenshots
    You are welcome to post screenshots or other pictures within posts, however all files and content linked to from the forums are subject to the same content guidelines as everything else.

    Images or avatars which are inappropriate for the forum will be removed.

    Multiple Accounts
    Each user of these forums is permitted one account only. Multiple accounts belonging to a single user will be removed. Users who create secondary accounts to get around a temporary suspension will be banned permanently. If you are having an issue with your “main” account, or wish to contact an admin while serving a temporary ban you may create a secondary account in order to PM the admin directly – if you post on the forum while serving a temporary ban it will become permanent.

    In order to simplify communication we require that all posts be made in English only. Non-English posts will be removed as we do not have the resources to translate comments in a timely fashion.

    Disciplinary Procedures
    Any user in breach of the rules of these forums may find themselves subject to disciplinary action. In many cases breaches of forum rules are due to a lack of familiarity with the rules or of an inconsequential nature, in which case a warning may be issued. However in more serious breaches of the rules, or users who break rules persistently may be given a temporary or permanent ban from the forum.

    In these cases a full explanation of why a user was banned will be given. If the ban is a temporary one users are strongly advised to abide by the decision as returning to the forum under a new account to avoid a temporary ban will result in it being upgraded to permanent.

    If you wish to appeal a ban from this forum you may contact Customer Support.

    Dovetail Games reserves the right to remove any user from this forum at any time without notice or explanation.
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