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Train Simulator 2020: Metro North Harlem Line

Discussion in 'Content Developer's Area' started by NEC Railfan, Mar 22, 2020.

  1. NEC Railfan

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    Jan 29, 2020
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    This is the main thread for my project of building the Harlem Line all the way to Wassiac, I am already at Bronxville in track and plan to catch up in scenery. (3/21/20)

    This route is set in the present, so the new third track is included.

    The Metro North Harlem Line is a commuter rail line that extends 82 miles from Grand Central Terminal in New York City, to Wassaic NY. The line is electrified with 600V under-running third rail from NYC to Southeast Station in Brewster, from Southeast to Wassaic is diesel territory.

    Rolling Stock:
    The line uses M3A and M7A EMU cars, built in 1983 and 2004 respectively. The line also uses GE P32AC-DM daul-mode passenger locomotives and Shoreliner Coaches for trains straight to Wassaic.

    This route uses all official payware, however, it will not be in the steam workshop, since I am creating custom signs for each station on the route. 20200319142641_1.jpg
    - NEC: New York - New Haven
    - North Jersey Coast Line (without Morristown).
    - Academy Assets (included with base game).
    - Hudson Line: New York - Croton Harmon
    These are the most necessary as track and infrastructure depends on these three.

    - NEC: New York - Philadelphia
    - Donner Pass
    - Peninsula Corridor: San Francisco - San Jose
    - My Harlem Line Station Signs Package (will come with route).
    Not as necessary, but still recommended.

    The route will be released in phases, as follows:
    Release 1: Skeleton form to White Plains
    Release 2: Skeleton form from White Plains to Southeast, full detail to White Plains.
    Release 3: Full detail to Southeast
    At this point it would be considered a full release.
    Extension to Wassaic
    Release 4: Skeleton to Wassaic.
    Release 5: Full detail to Wassaic.

    I can't wait to get this done, and show this to the community.
    These images are a tad bit dated, but show Fleetwood station, my first of many to come scratch-built stations.

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