Transpennine Sprinter: York To Liverpool Lime Street And Manchester Airport + Preston Line

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    *Before People start ranting that this is already in the game, I am proposing a Modern Version with more track*

    This route would feature the Intercity Line from York to Liverpool Lime Street with the Manchester Airport Branch, the Preston (via Wigan North Western) Line from Liverpool Lime Street and Preston - Manchester Airport Line for a Combined Total of 150 Miles.

    The Part of this route already in the Game, leeds to Manchester, would be updated with the Manchester Airport Lines including Manchester Piccadilly and would be set in the Present Day, as apposed to the 1980s


    Class 185 - TransPennine Express Livery:
    This train is the Principal Commuter Train on the North and South Transpennine Lines. They were built in 2005-6 and entered service with First TransPennine Express

    Class 802 Nova 1 - Transpennine Express
    This BI-Mode Unit Operates most High Speed Services on this line, with the Exception of Services to Preston. To be exact, it operates services from Liverpool Lime Street to Scotland Via Newcastle and Manchester Airport to Newcastle High Speed Services.

    Class 397 Nova 2 - TransPennine Express Livery:

    This EMU operates TransPennine Express Services from Liverpool Lime Street to Glasgow/Edinburgh via Carlise. It would be running the Liverpool and Manchester Airport Services to and from Preston

    Potential DLC:

    Class 195 - Northern Trains
    This DMU entered service for Ariva Rail North, replacing the Aged and Hated Pacer Trains. They were inherited by Northern Rail in 2020 and would run The Chester to Leeds Service, with the Accesable Bit on the Route being from Manchester Victoria

    Class 158 - Northern Trains
    This DMU would run the Manchester Victoria to Leeds and Stalybridge to Manchester Victoria Services

    Class 68 NOVA 3 - TransPennine Express
    This Loco runs Liverpool Lime Street to Scarsbrough services - Would end at york in the route
    Intercity Legends of the North - British Rail and Regional Railways
    *Class 47: Principal Loco, along with the 45, of Express Loco Hauled Services of the 1960s to the 80s and beyond
    *Class 101: Principal Commuter Loco of the 1950s through to the 80s
    *Class 45: Princiapl Loco, along with the 47, of Express Loco Hauled Services of the 1960s to the 80s and beyond
    *Class 142 Pacer: The Most Hated Loco of the North - Depicted in Regional Railways instead of BR

    Potential Layers:

    Class 40 - BR Heavy Freight Pack:
    This would run freight services on the InterCity Legends of the North Pack

    AI Services:

    Class 43 at York
    While it would be in the wrong livery, if Dovetail were ever to make a route that has a LNER Class 43, it could be layed as AI


    Overall, this would make a Very Good Route. If Dovetail puts in enough Dedication and Time and starts trying longer routes, this routes 150 Miles could be done would be a Good Canidate. It would be offered Discounted to Northern TransPennine Owners and would be a Complex Network with a Variety of Trains, Operators, and Branches. Along the way, make sure to:
    Create a GWR livery for the 802
    Create a LNER Livery for the 802
    And Crash a Pacer into the Buffers at Huddersfield
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    We need a modern TransPennine Express route. Has one of the best liveries in the UK, along with having such an amazing fleet. 68's, 185's, 350's, 802's. So much potential
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    I agree, we NEED a desiro and an 802 in game

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