PC Trees Without Leaves Not Appearing In The 24 Hour Timetable Mode

Discussion in 'Technical Reports' started by fakenham, Feb 21, 2021.

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    This was brought up in the PC forum, but I thought it may be worth bringing up here.

    It seems that there are trees in the sim that have no leaves in the correct seasons (see class 465 screenshot), but they only show when playing scenarios and not timetable mode - in timetable mode, leaves are present all year round. Not sure if DTG are aware of this, and can it be fixed? Not a major issue, but would be nice if this could be fixed. Thanks.
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    I would say that it would require different assets for the trees in timetable mode... which would mean it would have to know whether to load different assets according to the season that you have chosen. That would probably use a lot of memory hence why it hasn't happened. In scenarios it is probably just the trees near the lineside that are 'Leafless'. Scenarios tend to have more assets. For example when doing the Helping Hand Scenario there is a CSX pickup truck with two men standing next to it.... not there in timetable mode.

    I think its just down to Scenarios having variable assets.

    That wasn't the best explanation but I hope it makes sense.


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