Ts22 - Csx Family Extravaganza!

Discussion in 'Dovetail Live Article Discussion' started by DTG Jamie, Dec 1, 2021.

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  2. Daniel Gibbs

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    Feb 8, 2018
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    After months of providing research and suggestions to Digital Train Model, I'm absolutely stoked for this! I can't wait!
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  3. taylormade#6721

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    Apr 4, 2021
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    Should be awesome
  4. NEC Railfan

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    Jan 29, 2020
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    I mean...the modeling is alright. As for everything else, I'll have to completely rebuild it to make it decent. New light flares, sounds, colors/texturing, particles, simulation, couplers, and maybe even a new cab. I like how he (mostly) paid attention to detail when modeling these spec wise, (the issue of whether the Conrail spec SD45-2 has cab signaling still bothers me, especially since there are no right side images of it), but the paint jobs themselves leave a lot to be desired. It also has the usual DTM texturing that is just...horrible to say the least. You'd think he'd move away from this kind texture quality after all these years of people asking him to do so, but nope. As for the cab...where do I begin...

    Like...who sits down, puts this together, sits back, looks over their work and says, "Hey... that's pretty good!" This is just awful. DTM hasn't been good with cabs in the past but I feel as if this is a step back from the ATSF SD45-2 cab.
    It's like the texturing jumped back 15 years. You also have horribly modeled details on the AAR control stand, the worst being the handles. People have joked about the "hot-dog" DTM handles before, and now we have polygon handles. I can count the faces on the shape of the handle...
    So in summary, this could work as a decent DLC especially with all the equipment, but it's gonna need a LOT of work before it can be a nice experience, but hey, that makes it all the more fun as a challenge for us modders.
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