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Tsw 2: Wishlist For German Locomotives Or Cabcars

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by grdaniel48, Jun 29, 2020.

  1. grdaniel48

    grdaniel48 Active Member

    May 20, 2020
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    I like very much heavy freights from US, -as you have seen on my previous thread here -, I also like german trains as well!

    So which new trains locomotive / cab cars would like to see on new german routes?

    A) Locomotives:

    > Siemens Vectron:

    This model is used by DB, but also by several private cargo companies. So it will be easier for DTG as they can use it on several routes.

    > Stadler Euro Dual or 4100


    This is a modern heavy freight locomotive, available with both diesel and electric engines, - son can run on non electrified routes too. Can be diesel only too. It is already in use in germany by private freight companies. But on other countries as well.

    > DB 103: A classic beauty!

    DB 103.JPG

    Of course I will prefer it on the great TEE paint scheme, as on the picture.
    If could also have the corresponding TEE passenger wagons too, will be astonishing!

    B) Cab cars

    > IC 2 with Bombardier Cab car 668 2

    DB IC 668-2.jpg

    This comes with the BR 146 2 locomotive, already developed by DTG. It will be just change colors from red to IC ones. May be could be other ones...But a great base for the model is already done.

    > EMU DB Regio Bombardier 668 2 / 446

    DB REGIO EMU 668.jpg
    Similar to the one before, but a last generation double deck EMU, without a locomotive.
    Could be one set or two as on the picture

    Hope you like it!
    What do you think?

    Please share your comments and your own wishlist about it
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2020
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  2. Paulo_1997

    Paulo_1997 Member

    Mar 13, 2020
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    Hi there!

    First, I'd like to share my thoughts with you over your suggestions.

    1. Siemens Vectron a.k.a "The Future"
    - That is one hell of a Loco and I would like to see it in TSW in the future as much as you!

    2. Stadler Euro Dual
    - I must admit, that I've never seen that before. I can imagine, if it will ever be in the game, it would be on a route outside of germany.

    3. BR 103 a.k.a "The Classic"
    - That would be cool, not my favourite, a little nostalgy, but since you'll never see them on the tracks since they are outdated, I doubt that it will find it's way to TSW.

    4. & 5. Bombardier Cab 668 (IC and Red)
    - I'm totally with you on these two beautys. Since the first time, "Doppelstockwagen" were introduced to TSW, I imagined to drive them in their white "IC" livery. Only problem I see is that they are used on long-range-routes...we all know, why that is a problem ;)

    And now... *DRUMROLL*

    1. BR 462.jpg
    - The "BR 462 a.k.a RRX" is or will be used as "Rhein-Ruhr-Express" in Northrhine-Westphalia to replace older stock on regional lines. Fast accelerating, speed travel and a mix out of one and two floor cars make this beauty to one of the newest, reliable unit on the tracks!

    2. Stadler Flirt-Trains
    - Used by DB and many competitors, the "Flirts" are highly represented in many federal states of germany. Examples are:

    RE 13.jpg Flirt as RE 13 from Venlo to Hamm (Westf) (NRW)
    RE 1.JPG Flirt 3 as "SÜWEX" to Koblenz

    3. IC Steuerwagen.jpg BR 101.jpg
    - On one end, you have a cab car and on the other, there is a BR 101. What am I? - This can only be an Intercity-train of the first generation!
    Nothing more iconic and beautiful than this train with 1 Loco and 9 passenger cars behind it.
    If DTG decides to develope longer routes, this train mustn't miss!

    Thx for your time!
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  3. docsnyder1911

    docsnyder1911 Well-Known Member

    May 11, 2019
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    Nice proposal. Especially the Vectron with it's 9000 hp.

    I would add the Traxx Family, because Traxx locos are the typical freight locos in Germany. The DB BR 112, 143, 120, 155 and 151 would be nice too. My special wish would be a german diesel shunter like the Gravita or the DB BR 204 for using the freight yards.
  4. grdaniel48

    grdaniel48 Active Member

    May 20, 2020
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    Hi guys
    Thanks for your comments and feedback!
    Let me further explain about my Wishlist:

    First of all a general concept about the routes and its length:
    I clearly know it is limited, but I believe we can use there not only the trains going just for one end to another!
    We could use any train, and drive as a part of a longer real life running distance! This is about heavy freight and IC trains.

    >> Idea:
    Could DTG make a route of around 70 kms, and another route for the same area as a second part of and scenario or activity!
    Then you drive from east to west for example on route A, and another day - or the same day if you wish - you continue the driving on the same real route, but on the other TSW one. Then you will drive around 150 kms. Of course on the change point, you must stop on a Yard, and passenger station or something like this. Yes this connecting area has to be common on both routes.

    - Stadler heavy freight locomotive: This locomotive is new for me too. I discovered on a train spotting german video.
    It was hauling heavy coal wagons. I got very impressed about its features and design!
    It is brand new, and I notice it have several units already delivered and ordered.
    It is a 6 heavy locomotive. We do not have nothing like this on the sim. Yes there is the old DB BR 155. But I would like something new.

    - As to classic IC with 101 locomotive and 9 wagons, I agree with you!.
    But locomotive is similar to other new electric locomotives and they will have to make the different passenger wagons.
    Anyway, if this be available I will be happy too!

    docsnyder please notice the BR204 is already available for TSW.
    What I would modify of what DTG done, is to allow it to be driven on the mainline to, for example taking some wagons from one yard to another smaller one relative close. Or even go to a plant or company with rail access to take some wagons
    For example I noticed there is on one of german route, there is like a power plant or something like that with a branch line to it.
    But no way to go there. As it is not electrified.
    If it will be complicated to make the Euro Dual, then the Diesel one, will be ok, and we could use on both kind of routes. Furthermore on other european routes.

    - DB103: Yes I know this one could be difficult get.
    But as we have several german routes and more to come, and is is really a lovely and powerful locomotive, could be used on some scenarios. Some people has been asking about steam. DTG mentioned it is difficult at this moment. Ok so lets have something electrical historical too.

    - As to Traxx locomotives, ... Are not DB 146 and 185 ones part of this kind of locomotives?
    They look similar. So I am requesting something different.

    - Regarding different EMUs, yes there is a great quantity on DB!
    I request one of the lastest. But your ideas are ok too.

    My idea was to requests trains be easier to DTG, in order to have similar trains but for different use, without the need for them to make a hole new digital model.

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