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Tsw Scenario For Rapid Transit Line, Re-rail A Derailed Train

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions & Proposals' started by Gabe_1.0, Aug 22, 2019.

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    Jul 14, 2018
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    I thought of TSW when I watched this video of a situation where a small passenger service derailed minor off the tracks due to hitting a tree branch. This scenario means that it can be re-railed back on the tracks along with maintenance onsite so it can resume its journey. You would play the role of the crew and locomotive that gets the that train back on the rails (you'd have to make your way from the yard to the site), walk over it and re-connect or replace hoses after its re positioned, test the systems and then the AI drives the maintenance and repair crew back to the yard and locomotive after it's complete and you are then going to take over that service, resume it and bring the train into the yard so it can receive proper checkup before the next day.It might seem like a rather complex scenario at the moment to create because Its got features that not yet present in TWS

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