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Discussion in 'TSW General Discussion' started by rshifflet#2142, Aug 31, 2023.

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    Seen as cartography, the map is not a map: no scale, no compass rose, ( no names in TSW 2) no topography ... , i.e., not a map. Imagine a scale across the bottom with numbered stops, marked non-stops, km or miles between stops. Then we could turn off all HUD aids but have ... a map. I would fold mine on the clipboard and turn on the clipboard lamp. I have not suggested GPS, but there is a USB and iPhone holder in at least one loco ...

    Once in a session, the available information about this locomotive and this train vanishes. What remains is below a reasonable minimum. Overview thru fog ? My consist consists of ... 3 locos or 4 at the head ( and CPKC does head, mid, tail, right ? )

    Rather like never checking the fuel in Sand Patch or the sanders that never run out of sand.

    "Let's see how you did" as a performance review, well, let's hope for better in TSW4. Did i really have to reverse twice after over-running platforms ?? Pooofff.

    And should 1 meter past a red signal close a session when the red was about to change after the line cleared ?
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    Several points
    • You can see your consist length and weight if you press the escape key on the keyboard it will pop up. Don't know about consoles
    • tsw4 will give you the setting to continue to the next station even if you overshoot. Now if you ever overshoot, you can reverse but make sure your train doesn't go behind the signal otherwise you will just end in a red light. The dispatcher can't cope with that.
    • A session ending on a red light is reasonable. In real life, passing a red signal can result in you getting fired. It is a serious offense
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    I agree with you about the map. There has been no substantial improvement to it in the last 5 years. By this time, we should have place names, distances, topography, mile posts etc.

    The entire pause menu is substandard really. TSC does a much better job.
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    Matt has said that the map is locked in, because it is legacy from TSW:GWE. They have tried changing it, but it caused severe issues and they have had to just leave it be. I know it's something they are aware of, but it sounds like changing it is alot more work than they have anticipated

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