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Tvl Class 20

Discussion in 'Xbox Discussion' started by djcwey, Jun 18, 2020.

  1. djcwey

    djcwey Well-Known Member

    Dec 22, 2019
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    Was quite looking forward to this release and even took today off work to play it.

    Although I can't fault the Class 20 I am disappointed that the (new) freight flow for the limestone hoppers is only (Redmire) from Eaglescliffe - Tees Yard. (Thought Darlington to Tess Yard was a pretty poor effort with the PCA's.) My 'interpretation' of the limestone workings was that they went to Redcar Mineral terminal. This is where they are shown in one of the teaser(!) images (although DTG do state these images are from Development work and may NOT reflect what is ACTUALLY available within gameplay).

    Still enjoying the Class 20, but based on expectation(!) the DLC in it's current form is only a 7/10.
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  2. LucasLCC

    LucasLCC Well-Known Member

    Mar 19, 2020
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    The timetable mode is definitely a let down. It would be a great DLC if the timetable mode had a better collection of services

    The timetable mode has been a let down on recent DLC (204, M3 for starters).
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