Tvm 80kph Signal Needed For Matgv?

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Darrell E., Dec 20, 2020.

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    After reading a few comments bout TVM not decreasing to 80kph when approaching the platform... I kinda want to ask if it is possible to implement the last two digits for the Alarm system on the TGV. Because golly, it's really hard to eye the platform when the alarm systems halt to 170 to 000 moments after I arrive. Unless that's intentional, cause after watching TVM on South Eastern High Speed on TS19, the TVM system has 80kph implemented down to 000, unlike MATGV on TS19 and TSW2, where it literally just stays at 170 down to 000 and I'm almost there and applying all the breaks 2km out at 170kph almost overshooting or breaking too early. This is just a little piece of detail because I have a feeling that Southeastern High Speed on TSW2 will have TVM work similar to TS19 version, and it would just be weird that the next release Add-on has the correct system while the current one doesn't. Just a thought. Would like to hear everyone's opinion and correct me if I'm wrong! Also love PTGRail, great detailed Train driver, I hope just a few set of clips won't do any harm.

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    IIRC there are different implementations IRL on the French LGV and HS1 in the UK.
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    The TVM that we have on TSW 2 is the TVM 430 not the TVM300 the tgv réseau atlantique tgv PSE and tgv réseau duplex on this tgv which do that cannot go above 300km and the class 395 to the TVM 300

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