Tyseley Lmd Extension For X City?

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    As I'm sure many of you are aware, recently the Victoria/Blackfriars to Dover route was updated to include the East Kent Railway, which is a length of 2 miles. An extension to Tyseley depot would be slightly longer than this, the distance from New Street to Tyseley being around 4 miles, but I think it would make a reasonable addition to the route as it's only just over 30 miles long. It would also add some scenario potential for empty stock moves that go to and from the depot and Birmingham New Street, which currently total up to 20 services every weekday. In terms of assets that would be used, whilst obviously I would like new models to be done I wouldn't be that bothered if the assets from the Just Trains Chiltern route were used, as that would be better than nothing. Something that would also be interesting would be if the route was extended up to Birmingham Snow Hill to allow for empty stock services on the Snow Hill Lines to be drivable rather than just AI, with this being the small extra distance of around 1½ miles. This may also pave the way for a Class 172 to be created in the future without a route having to be created for the unit to operate on.

    • Tyseley station[​IMG]
    • Near Bordesley with St Andrews in background[​IMG]
    • Birmingham Moor Street frontage[​IMG]
    • Tyseley Loco Works[​IMG]

    EDIT: As has been pointed out, there is no electric services to Tyseley depot due to a lack of OHLE. The Class 323's are maintained at Soho depot 2 miles north of Birmingham, on the route towards Wolverhampton. Class 350's have previously visited the depot for overhaul work as well as Class 319's, but this isn't a regular occurence as far as I'm aware

    There was also this working back in September 2015, where a BR Green Class 47 hauled London Midland 323208 and 2 barrier wagons from Soho L.M.D to Tyseley, which could be included as a scenario for this extension[​IMG]

    Another thing of note is Soho's depot shunter, Class 08 no 08805 in Railfreight Grey livery. It has recently moved over to Tyseley depot, hauled by 57312 although I am unable to find an image of this move.[​IMG]
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    the cross city trains do not have their depot at Tyseley, there is no catenary to tyseley so they could not get there anyway, I believe they are maintained at Soho.
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    Tyseley was the dmu depot for B’ham. Soho is the emu depot.
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