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Ultimate Edition Soon For 2020 ??

Discussion in 'Xbox Discussion' started by optical_1, Jul 29, 2020.

  1. optical_1

    optical_1 New Member

    Jul 29, 2020
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    i got into this game via the game pass and really enjoying it si much so i want to buy it to show support

    staggered by the amount of dlc avaiable and the cost even if i order the deluxe version its still not all the dlc

    is there going to be an ultimate version before train sim 2 comes possibly or not

    thanks in advance
  2. L89

    L89 Well-Known Member

    Apr 8, 2020
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    That would be great for a new player. Would just be simpler to put all routes at 50% off and pick what you want. I don't want to pay the same price for something that came out a few years ago.
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  3. Deimenried

    Deimenried Member

    Jul 14, 2020
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    Glad to hear you're enjoying it!

    I was unlucky enough to grab the deluxe edition only for it to go on Game Pass a month later. No regrets though, all the routes and locos and I'm loving it.

    It would make sense for an Ultimate Edition to drop next month before TSW2 launches, or shortly afterward.
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  4. stujoy

    stujoy Well-Known Member

    Aug 29, 2019
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    If you are going to get into TSW and TSW2 properly then say goodbye to all your available cash! It’s not cheap, and will be very expensive if you buy DLC when it comes out or isn’t in a sale. Considering the cost of the DLC, all the base pack bundles are good value but do only give you a handful of routes and no loco DLC.

    There probably won’t be a bigger pack available, either before or after TSW2 comes out. Buying DLC in a sale is the only way currently to bring the total cost down. The timing of sales for xbox, PS4 and PC are all different and not all older content is featured in a sale at the same time, so it’s difficult to predict when something you really want will be in a sale. There is anecdotal evidence that xbox has fewer sales than the other platforms but nothing is proven.
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    SHINO BAZ Well-Known Member

    Apr 10, 2019
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    Train sim world 2020 collecters edition has 6 routes thats 180.00 worth of dlc if you shop around you could possibly get a copy for a good price,i got a copy of tsw2020 ce(new sealed) from walmart for xbox one delivered to my house for about 29.00.
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