Update Disaster At All - Refund From Ps

Discussion in 'Train Sim World Discussion' started by Patrick Kolinski, Aug 20, 2021.

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    What a hell is that?? Im starting like this because some months ago a lot of gamers jump on me cuz i made a poll about what DTG have to make in the future. The question was to continue work to fix the full game or to release new addons month by month. And i am correct….after this disaster on PS store with all the issue that you know nobody on DTG didnt tried to run the game and make a damn „test”?? I spent my 40€ to buy the Rush Hour and like i see the problem 24h later still exist and i see my console that cant play a s***. On the other side the guys sending newsletters to customers that…come buy the rush hour is out blah blah blah…you guys crazy on there?? I just asking…what the hell you doing there? i can say that you steal peoples money for now…Issue a refund guys for now to push them think that they cant make things like that on the future. The s*** is faulty and you really know it.
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