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Update Is Now Live!

Discussion in 'PC' started by DTG Darren N, Oct 11, 2016.

  1. DTG Darren N

    DTG Darren N
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    Jun 14, 2016
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    We are pleased to announce that our latest update has been passed by Microsoft and is now available to both Xbox One and PC players. We appreciate the patience you have shown whilst this update has gone through testing and certification.

    Highlights of this update include the following;

    • This build aims to prevent fish from being able to swim onto the bank. We have spent over a week testing this and have not seen it happen at all. However, we cannot replicate it being played by the 10’s of thousands of you so if anyone does experience a fish going onto land, please let us know the details including which lake and which peg within that lake.

    • Line ‘snapping’ randomly has also been fixed and should not happen anymore. As above, if anyone does still experience this then let us know!

    • Multiple takes – now if you are playing a fish and get a fish on your second rod, you will have 2 minutes before that fish escapes. If you are lucky enough to get a bite on your third rod, you will have 4 minutes before that fish escapes.

    • We have updated UE4 to version 4.12.5

    • We have changed the way our physics system works so that fish now behave more realistically and make the fight feel smoother.

    • Megladon – Our biggest catfish has proved very tricky to catch so we have made it slightly easier to get him to take your bait (but we aren’t telling you how!)

    • Surface tension on the line so that it now floats on the water when necessary.

    • Improvement to the reel mechanics.

    • Fixed clients sometimes being unable to connect to multiplayer games hosted under the same NAT.

    • Optimised several assets in multiple lakes

    The following bugs have also been fixed in this update

    • A soft lock will occur in the 'Baiting' tutorial if the user walks away from the peg.

    • Score is taken in Challenges when the casting goes out of bounds and is pulled into the water.

    • Steam profiles are not displayed after selection in the leaderboards.

    • Rod selection and pick up rod buttons lose functionality when opening tournament map.

    • Opening and closing the pause menu causes the line to be reeled in a small amount.

    • Progress in the Academy (tutorial) stages can be blocked by using a reel exploit.

    • If the hook bounces on the water during a Distance challenge, it counts as two casts.

    • Music plays throughout single player tournaments that is only intended to play at the beginning.

    • Score is taken in Challenges when the casting goes out of bounds and is pulled into the water.

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