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Virginia Railway Express W/ Amtrak & Freight Trains

Discussion in 'Route Suggestions & Proposals' started by MetrolinkF125#916, Mar 26, 2020.

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    Jul 2, 2019
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    I would love to see a new American freight/passenger route in TSW, AND one of those routes I would love to see is the VRE system, running on 2 different lines, and DTG could do both as a branch line. The total system length is 90 miles, chop it in half to get the approximation of the length of one. It runs south from Washington DC Union Station to either Spotsylvania or Broad Run, on either the Fredericksburg Line or the Manassas Line. The VRE began service on both lines in 1992, and currently uses equipment similar to those seen in the Peninsula Corridor, dlc included. The VRE uses EMD F40PH-2 and MPI MP36PH-3C locomotives, along with Nippon Shayro gallery cars. I believe DTG should have no problem creating the equipment for this route since most of it is seen in the Peninsula Corridor. The only locomotives/rolling stock that would need separate developing would be Amtrak GE P42DC Genesis locomotives for Amtrak trains, and DTG could reuse the amfleets found in NEC. As for the freight services, CSX runs on the Fredericksburg Line and NS runs on the Manassas Line, and would see intermodal cars seen in HH and other freight rolling stock seen in other freight routes, and possible locomotives could be GE ES44AC/ET44AC, EMD SD70ACE, and EMD GP60/GP40-2 locomotives for switching and local duties. I would love to see this route in tsw since it features so much variety in both passenger and freight, and if it ever makes it to TSW then I will buy it upon release:)
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