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Water Temp

Discussion in 'Future Content and Feature Requests' started by joshuamcfadyen19, Oct 24, 2019.

  1. joshuamcfadyen19

    joshuamcfadyen19 Member

    Oct 4, 2019
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    If you could choose the water temp and a more accurate weather pattern for fun fishing that would be neat. When you go fun fishing the water temps seem fairly random, and some tournaments will have you fishing at extremely cold or extremely hot water temps. Would be cool to be able to practice for those more efficiently by being able to choose water temp when fishing for fun.
    Also, i’ve noticed that when you pick “dynamic” weather, you will get a sunny period and a cloudy period. However, the cloudy period in “dynamic” weather is more cloudy than the “light cloud” option. I found this makes the fish react slightly different in the “dynamic” cloudy period vs the “light cloud” option. They also act differently in the “heavy rain” option. Would be cool to have an option between “light cloud” and “heavy rain” simply called “heavy clouds” or “overcast”.

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