Wcml: Crewe To Manchester (via Stockport And Manchester Airport)

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    This suggestion is for the West Coast Mainline route in TSW2 between Crewe and Manchester Piccadilly via Stockport, and the Styal Line between Wilmslow and Manchester Piccadilly via Manchester Airport.

    Route Map

    Route Length

    Approximately 46 miles long

    Trains & Services

    Obviously, building three new trains for one route is hard to do, so either the 175 or 390 could be a DLC.

    Class 323 - Northern

    Entering service in 1994, the 323s were among the last trains to enter service with British Rail before its privatisation in the mid-1990s. The units were designed to operate on inner-suburban commuter lines in and around Birmingham and Manchester with swift acceleration and high reliability. Of the 43 sets built, 26 are in operation with West Midlands Trains and 17 with Northern Trains.

    These services operate along the route with the following stopping patterns:
    • Crewe to Manchester Piccadilly via Stockport (all stops) 1tph
    • Crewe to Manchester Piccadilly via Manchester Airport (continues to Liverpool, all stops except Goostrey and Chelford) 1tph
    • Manchester Piccadilly to Cheadle Hulme (continues to Stoke-on-Trent) (stops at Stockport) 1tph

    Class 175 - Transport for Wales

    The British Rail Class 175 Coradia 1000 is a type of diesel multiple-unit passenger train operated by Transport for Wales Rail in the United Kingdom. The fleet of 27 sets was built between 1999 and 2001 by Alstom at Washwood Heath. Owned by Angel Trains, they were originally leased to First North Western, before being transferred to Wales & Borders, and then to Arriva Trains Wales and then Transport for Wales.

    These services operate along the route with the following stopping patterns:
    • Manchester Piccadilly to Crewe via Stockport (continues to Milford Haven/Camarthen/Cardiff) (calls at Stockport and Wilmslow - some Sunday trains stop at Alderley Edge) 1tph
    • Manchester Airport to Manchester Piccadilly (continues to Llandudno/Holyhead) (calls at East Didsbury) 1tph

    Class 390 - Avanti West Coast
    The British Rail Class 390 Pendolino is a type of electric high-speed passenger train operated by Avanti West Coast in the United Kingdom, leased from Angel Trains.[4] They are electric multiple units using Fiat Ferroviaria's tilting train Pendolino technology and built by Alstom. Fifty-three units were originally built between 2001 and 2004 for operation on the West Coast Main Line (WCML). They were ordered as 8-car sets, later extended to 9-car sets, of which some were then lengthened further to 11 carriages. These new 11-car trains were renumbered as the subclass 390/1. The trains of the original batch were the last to be assembled at Alstom's Washwood Heath plant, before its closure in 2005. The remaining trains in the fleet were built in Italy.

    These services operate along the route with the following stopping patterns:
    • Manchester Piccadilly to Stockport (continues to London Euston via Stoke-on-Trent) (non-stop) 2tph
    • Manchester Piccadilly to Crewe (continues to London Euston via Stafford) (calls at Stockport and Wilmslow) 1tph



    Holmes Chapel



    Alderley Edge



    Manchester Airport

    Heald Green


    East Didsbury


    Mauldeth Road


    Cheadle Hulme


    Heaton Chapel


    Manchester Piccadilly

    Ardwick Depot
    Longsight Depot
    Crewe Carriage Sidings

    Twemlow Viaduct
    Handforth Station Signs

    Stockport Viaduct

    Some suggestions for scenarios
    • Evening Express: drive 2A49, the last train of the day from Crewe to Manchester Piccadilly - calling only at the Airport. Then, stable this train in the depot.
    • Engineering Extra: it's Christmas and there are engineering works at Airport Station and between Alderley Edge and Crewe. Take your service out of Alderley Edge sidings and take passengers over to Piccadilly via Stockport. Then, return via Heald Green - but run via the airport diversion line. Park back up in the sidings.
    • Sunday Service: drive this Transport for Wales service from Crewe to Piccadilly, call at Alderley Edge and Wilmslow. Then, run via the airport diversion line.
    This route would bring the West Coast Mainline into TSW2, a highly suggested route, and the iconic Pendolino train, whilst also being able to run busy commuter services into the North's biggest city and throughout cities, towns and villages in the scenic counties of Cheshire and Greater Manchester.
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    Nice route, I would definitely buy this, nice variety of track and trains as well :)
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    The 175 and 390 as DLC wouldn’t make much sense as that would mean there’s only one train and livery included.
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    Take my money now!!
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    Two trains are included (323 + 175 or 323 + 390) and the other one is a DLC

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