West Wales Lines Swansea To Pembroke

Discussion in 'Route Suggestions & Proposals' started by TheDubbPug2211, May 30, 2021.

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    Just an idea - I would love to see the rails around Tenby/Pembroke/Carmarthen added to the game - possibly as an extension off Swansea on the already existing South Wales Main Line?
    I really like the scenery around Pembrokeshire and think it would be a great addition to TS
    I know the entire route from Swansea to Pembroke is quite long, but it would be even great to just see a part of it :)
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    You are not the first to suggest this. And I am sure I am not the first to say I am good with the idea. The other post about this went into detail about some of the endpoints, such as Fishguard Harbour and Pembroke Dock. The mainline ends at Johnston, but services exist in Milford Haven. Carmarthen used to be a through station but is now a terminal location. Llandello Junction to Craven Arms exists but is too long to add to this, but a portion of it would work nicely to add Trostre Steel Works along the mainline and otherwise inaccessible (this also needs a turnoff on the other sifde of Swansea to reach Mortals Junction, the access point for the steel works). Why do I bring this up? There is a freight train that starts east of Cardiff and comes here. This would be a great scenario to include with the route.

    Since Just Trains previously did the Western Mainlines and has been busy updating their South Western Expressways Route, I don't think it would surprise me if they created their own Cardiff to Johnston extension with local lines added to the extension as well as points along Western Mainlines to the Severn Tunnel. This would allow them to also do a full scenery update in their portion of Cardiff to Bristol in the extension. I don't know if they can then just copy in relevant SWE scenery from the Bristol area onto the Western Mainlines build, but that would be a welcome improvement for sure..We have freeware versions of these South Wales routes, but they tend to come and go, and we have never really gone beyond Swansea, so this would be an excuse to revisit the project and update it. Would I want to pay $90 USD for the entire package again? Not a chance. That would have to be worked out if redone. But I still prefer they work on new projects, so maybe just DTG adding this line onto the existing debranded route would be ideal (though I do not foresee local lines being visited by them, at most maybe Fishguard Harbour and Pembroke Dock if we are lucky since they are at the far end of the route).

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