What Do You Think Tsw2 Does Well?

Discussion in 'PC Discussion' started by chieflongshin, Aug 3, 2022.

  1. torfmeister

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    Nov 10, 2021
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    You can reload a timetable in Zusi and skip time, fast forward, use autopilot and select any train. Due to the sheer amount of services (up to 700 in one timetable) a save feature is not doable, and not necessary as you can jump to any point in the timetable.

    And the price tag? Remember you only pay once, no DLC, all additions and new route modules are free and automatically added.

    Well yes, it's made by a small team of devs and was built upon correct simulation first, so the graphics are not comparable to TSC or TSW. Zusi is more of a wolf in sheep's clothing. It just doesn't show off.

    TSW went the other way. Spirit of Steam - good looks but lacks correct simulation (Firemass, Steam generation). So TSW will never be my choice. And the lighting... well. No. RWEnhanced and AP sky TSC looks waaaay better than TSW. Oops. Wrong forum :cool: Should put my helmet on now... bye!
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  2. Lamplight

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    Aug 20, 2020
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    Maybe DTG should just redirect players to the Zusi manual in case of questions about German stuff. That one’s a whopping 500 or 600 pages long. To be fair though, as much praise as Zusi deserves, it does have the same problem DTG have in terms of documentation. While the signalling and especially safety systems are extremely thoroughly documented, not a single word is uttered about the locos.
    You want to know what a certain button does in the cab? Good luck scouring the internet. You don’t know how many amps a Br 150 can take? Good luck scouring the internet. You want to know how to properly operate a diesel hydraulic loco? Good luck scouring the internet. Etc.

    Why would you need to do cold starts every time. Only a handful of services in TSW would start with a cold start (and these should do so in the timetable to my mind) while most services would start with the loco running already as you’re just taking over from another (imaginary) driver. DTG would actually decrease realism if every service started with a cold start.

    It’s truly incredible how much Zusi offers once you look past the dated graphics and cabs. The sheer variety of locos is incredible. Seriously, for all those who frequently request German vintage content - try Zusi if you haven’t already. Pretty much all of the (West German) classics are there.
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  3. torfmeister

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    Nov 10, 2021
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    You're right on the loco documentation, but the controls are pretty much the same for every loco - and the best is the additional display software which lets you operate all MFDs. It's not for the casual gamer, it needs your interest in learning railroading stuff, as much as Run 8 does throw you into the world without a tutorial. But their forums are very helpful, and Zusi's developers are very active there and interacting with the community. It's very transparent, the thing I'm missing most from DTG.
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  4. bakedpotatos.jm

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    Nov 10, 2020
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    I like the Variety.

    You can have it easy with safety systems off or turn them on for a challenge (at least on German routes and the Harlem line in particular)

    You can run a timetable service.
    ( something that always kept me from buying TSC) or a scenario.

    Creators club being a great addition to this as well. We just need a better Scenario Editor.

    If you want you can just sit as a passenger and ride or railfan on an overpass.

    I would love to see more network routes because I like what they've done with Cathcart, Dresden-Reisa and to a lesser extent LIRR and Boston Sprinter.

    A route that you can go from point A to C or D and point B to C or D and so on. Like the Picadilly line. Not specifically juat using that an an example I know. But any route like that would be great I think.
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  5. Rudolf

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    Dec 9, 2016
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    In the TSW2 Starters Guide, I created a list with features we mostly take for granted, but that are fairly new and were innovative for this game, compared with TS:

    1. The game engine is more based on train physics than its predecessors, contributing to realism.
    2. Trains and landscape are modelled with more detail than its predecessors. Just have a look at the picture above this chapter and see how much detail there is in the flowers.
    3. TSW has a number of features like a cold boot, probably fairly realistic handling of multiple units and brakes. You can use these features and gain a lot more of insights in how you keep these engines running, though it is possible to just drive them more like TSxxxx.
    4. New is that the game is much more prepared for new gameplay and multiplayer options, though these will not be available in the foreseeable future. An example is that you walk now along the tracks, enter a train that is driven automatically, operate the turntable and switches by walking to the correct location. I’m sure there will be a gameplay possible where a driver and shunter work together to compose a train. Probably it will be possible to have a separate dispatch role.
    5. This will be the first train simulator that will run on other platforms than Windows. Xbox and PS4 versions are available.
    6. New is service/timetable mode, a whole day with scheduled trains. You pick one of them and drive that train to its destination. What would happen if other players pick other trains and drive these?
    7. It has a number of features we take for granted, but that are in fact very new and innovative. One of them is that if you own additional engines, they can be integrated in the existing game, providing more variety.

    New features in TSW2:

    1. Passenger information systems have evolved. At the Münich-Augsburg route they even represent delays properly. Work is continued.
    2. There is a beta now for Raildriver. It does not yet support all routes, but it is there.
    3. Steam engines
    4. TrackIR support is in development.
    5. Mastery is back
    6. There now is a drivers logbook
    7. Multiple timetables on a route.
    8. Preserved collection stock will be compatible with the livery editor
    9. Scenario planner
    11. Work is done on performance improvements. This is ongoing and needed so we can have more trains on a route and so on.
    12. At the moment three third party development teams are creating their own content. More will follow.
    13. Working Level crossings (not yet for all routes).
    14. TVM safety system
    15. Dynamic passenger information on trains, which makes it possible to add destinations on other routes very easily.
    16. Multiple timetables
    17. Branded containers
    18. Real world advertisements
    19. Higher passenger densities

    This list really needs an update, while I see this. I like to see that many innovations and we may be a bit more grateful for them. My favourite is the ability to wal along the trakcs and through the trains while they are driving.
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  6. theorganist

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    May 1, 2018
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    For me the things it does well are:

    The graphics are very good and looking down a station throat you could often mistake it for a real railway video, although some of the low poly buildings and things like road vehicles do spoil it.

    The trains are generally well modelled and the sounds are better than the default DTG sounds in TSC

    The biggest plus point for me is timetable mode, however as it isn't editable it often isn't realistic and you are stuck with what DTG deem realistic or acceptable, which for me outweighs the advantages of timetable mode on most of the historic routes

    The second biggest good point for me is the passenger mode and freeroam mode, although the AI physics seems often to be less than realistic.

    BML having that amount of traffic was a boon and if they could add a class 700 for "finish it off" it would almost be the perfect experience even including TSC experiences.

    So yes TSW generally looks better than TSC, although not by a country mile and you get a passenger mode and theoretically timetable mode should mean you wouldn't need to make scenarios, but I keep going back to TSC as for me it offers more realism operationally and especially in recreating realistic operations from the past. I can drive from Birmingham to Euston on a perfectly nice graphically route in TSC with a nicely modelled class 86 with excellent sounds and features and can create realistic AI traffic around it. That for me beats driving a class 47 on NTP with relative little AI and a narrow amount of stock where I can do little to mould it to my tastes.

    As has been said before if somehow the two were combined, ie TSW graphics, models, timetable and passenger mode with TSC's mould-ability and of course amount of content it would be a winner but for now TSW for me is just for the odd jump in and play and I spend little time in it.
  7. Pipe

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    Jan 11, 2022
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    On foot feature
    Riding as a passenger (w/o paying)
    Creators Club
    Graphics Quality with amazing reflections in windows and rolling stock (although the lighting/shadowing is complete crap)
    +Rain animation
    Timetable Mode
    Different time periods

    For me TSW is a relaxing game, I appreciate a few rides in the late afternoon to shutdown from work.
    There´s lot of fun and variety. If it wasn´t for those worsening "up"dates ........ but that´s another thread.
  8. diesel power

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    Aug 2, 2020
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    1)graphics quality
    2)very good physics
    3)being able to walk around on foot
    4)detailed handling of locomotives with most buttons , switches etc.... being functional
  9. pveezy

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    Dec 18, 2021
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    Immersion. The fact that there are entire timetables that (mostly) work with AI services, as well as the fact that you can get up and walk around to explore the train or stations makes it feel like you’re in a real world to some extent.
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  10. Doomotron

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    Oct 24, 2018
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    I don't play it anymore but the modelling and texturing was generally very good (especially Rivet's trains). I have to mention the night lighting in Riesa to Dresden; it is possibly the most beautiful sight in the game and felt like effort was put in.
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  11. Der Uni

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    Sep 13, 2020
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    The Immersion of spawn "on Foot" and wait for your Train, see it comes in the Platform and Take it over. This is for me the most lovely thing in TSW2.
  12. smugstarlord#4202

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    Jun 24, 2021
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    What does TSW do so well?

    For me, an escape from reality. Helps me relax as I do a stressful job. No other game or simulation does that. Even with its flaws. Its given me a desire to be more of a rail fan.
  13. davidh0501

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    Apr 29, 2020
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    Like many I'm still here after Railworks, TS and TSW.
    That means they got something right over the years.
    Each release has seen incremental improvements.
    Looking forward to the new release.

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