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What I Think Dtg Is Doing

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by MetrolinkF125#916, May 23, 2020.

  1. MetrolinkF125#916

    MetrolinkF125#916 Well-Known Member

    Jul 2, 2019
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    Hi, I just posted this thread so I (or anyone) can speculate why DTG hasn’t released any routes and only focusing on loco add ons. Does anyone have an idea? I think it’s cuz of the coronavirus pandemic, they can’t travel to map the routes. But wait: I thought DTG’s editing tools had a google earth layout feature, which could do the mapping for them. If this is the case, then how do they record the sounds for the most recent loco dlcs? Perhaps from YouTube? Although that would lead to unsatisfactory results. My guess: they’re reusing sounds, even if it costs them the satisfaction of the customers. This can be seen in the M3, with a very slightly modified horn (listen closely). To record the sounds for new trains? Maybe they previously recorded these sounds? If they can do any of this above, why haven’t we seen any routes. Of course, other ppl have said that DTG is working on a “longer route” and said to be patient and wait a little longer. But how come DTG kept cranking route after route and in 2 weeks there was another route announced for TSW? Prob cuz of length? If they are, then it makes sense. Feel free to make your own speculations down there:)
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  2. Plastic Pal

    Plastic Pal Active Member

    May 12, 2020
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    Has it really been a long time since a route, or several routes.... were released....? They do about five or six per year, and since the launch of PC with TSW 2020 they have issued RRO, ECR, OSD and HRR.

    I suspect that there will be another route out before TS2021 is packaged (early June?), and then another one to launch TS2021 (August/September?). These would presumably already be in the pipeline... but after that any completely new content might be tricky to start and/or properly complete, given COVID.

    But they have huge amounts of TS1 assets in reserve, at a fairly high quality, to port across if they need to. And anyway - when you look at what happened with the OSD route, there appears to be nothing to compel them to release a route in a complete state.... ;-P
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  3. Sparmi

    Sparmi Member

    Dec 8, 2018
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    Let the speculation begin!
    At first a fact check: DTG is not such a big developer or game studio like for example "Ubisoft", which has multiple studios in over 20 countries. So they are often limited in their possibilities. But they maintain a good customer contact and listen to new ideas and content suggestions, that's why we have and love this forum. Of course when it comes to TSW than we (the players and rail fans) are always fascinated by the pretty and realistic presentation of the game and expect to have all the content, which is now available for the TS. But we often forget that TSW based on a new game engine and routes, trains, physics and driving characteristics are to be realized and programed differently. Also DTG is learning by doing and I think they get better and better.
    To the other point: the reason why they didn't announce another route yet is probably the month of May with all its long holiday weekends. Of course there is still this ongoing and worldwide coronavirus pandemic, but it doesn't effect the online and streaming market so much and home office is also a solution. Real sound recording can be a bigger problem right now. Sure the lengths of the routes are often mentioned as to short in TSW. One reason is surely to build a new route in the UE4 is much more complex. They have to place everthing by hand, "Matt" said during a livestream. I'm sure we will here some news soon... ;)
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  4. stujoy

    stujoy Well-Known Member

    Aug 29, 2019
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    Matt has said about the sounds that a lot of the sounds are synthesised by the sound team based on what the reference recordings and other references sound like. This is so they can separate certain sounds from each other while recordings may have all the sounds combined, so for instance track sound and traction motor sounds will be separate in the simulation, diesel engines and generators, fans etc all have separate sound files for playback in the sim. They also don’t have actual access to all the content they make so sounds will be reused from other content or sourced from other places, and they will try to get the sounds as authentic sounding as possible. They get feedback from the beta team to help with this.

    There is no way to be 100% accurate with the sound and that’s why some things may sound a bit off to people who say know the M3 horn sound like it’s their ringtone. Without recording an M3 horn directly, which they couldn’t do, they have no way of it being 100% M3 horn.

    Another thing is, reference recordings for the most recent releases may have been made or sourced a long time ago, as was shown with the two DLC releases for Pen Corridor, the sounds were recorded at the same time as the sounds for the original route, which may have been a whole year or more before the release of the DLC.
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