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    Aug 24, 2020
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    So, it’s a 2023 release isn’t it. Any hint as to which half the year we’re looking to?

    My son and I are keen players but my little 2 year old daughter wants to play with the board pieces… differently, and we can’t wait for a solution to keep the game all in the safety of the screen!
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  2. DTG Benjamin

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    Jun 14, 2021
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    The first half!
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    May 24, 2022
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    Ok, so those questions may have required too much over-commitment to answer so here's something easier.

    (1) Will this be Catan where we just pay, say, £14.99 for a full game that can be played offline with AI bots and online with friends (who also own the game) via XBox live?

    (2) Or is this in the style of Catan Universe on PC where you can either play for free (f2p) against a couple of others on a single board? Forgive my memory here but I also seem to recall only been allowed to play a limited amount of times within any given 24 hour period before having to purchase microtransactions. Or some deluxe edition that granted you greater access - which is fair enough if it means not having to make any further purchase.

    (2a) If it is this version then what have the developers done to improve server stability?

    I've watched the various trailers for the upcoming release but there's no mention of the actual game mechanics - which is quite important because I've played the latter version and don't really want to start looking forward to it if it's going to remain a f2p game (or worse still a f2p game with a price tag attached) containing somewhat aggressive microtransactions.

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