Fishing Sim World Work On These Problems Please *updated*

Discussion in 'Content and Feature Requests' started by Patpat3131, Aug 22, 2019.

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    Work on these problems please *UPDATED*
    *Bass Fishing*

    1. Bass fishing is still broken...Bass should not be peeling the line out every 15 secs for a 3-5 min fight....that's not realistic.

    As mentioned by MANY, the fights are to long and unrealistic.
    Some bass of mass sizes will pull the line out, not a 2-4lb smallmouth will fight the same as a 13lb or 17lb marshal...each fight needs to be more or less difficult pertaining to the size of fish hooked.
    *Drag system* -NEEDS THE MOST WORK-

    2. The drag doesnt work at all at the end of the fight....the tension of the line is off and the drag system goes out of can barley control the line tension as its bolting up and down every second on your last 5-10 second fight. This should not happen as your line tension has been the same THE ENTIRE why does it change drasticly before landing the fish and making it harder to land your fish...EVEN THOUGH ITS TIRED AND GETTING READY TO BE LANDED????
    (that's how you know the fish is tired and about to land them)

    *More time for elite or reduce the weight*

    3. 20 minutes per round for Elite series is not enough time to catch 70-100lbs of bass consistantly...maybe 50-60 but not that much..Reduce the weight the AI get or increase the time.

    Also don't make 1st spot and like 35th spot by 2-5OZ... spread out the lbs so people don't need to jump 15spots on 1 OZ..? i can see from the top 5 year..but not the first 35 people are gunna be within ounces... 7lbs differnce between 100 people...???

    Also their weight goes up automatically based on that time frame. So in the first 15-30 secs they can have 5-20lbs but they will only get up to a maximum amount based on that time frame.
    Scott martin gets 32lbs worth of bass in the first 10 minutes in the last 3 rounds?? that's not elite..that's godlike..cut that crap out dovetail...

    *Please introduce incentive for career mode*

    4. Career mode is dead with no rewards, the season networth is useless, followers mean nothing as don't win very much cash..the end pay out you get...goes to your networth..not cash..You also don't get alot of XP either, ONLY when landing fish, i don't think you get XP for even winning. Career mode really has nothing to offer but Cosmetics...just like the rods and line made in the game....

    *New items are cosmetics, no actual effects work or are given*

    5. Buying new items such as line does not or doesn't seem to anyway help the process of fighting a fish, Nor does buying a new reel or rod.
    No stats or explanation of why certain rods lures and lines are priced differently. Prices are just.."there" as a fake goal to each in regards of buying everything in store when none of them have ANY effect.
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  2. Duncanmacleod08

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    Agree drag system is by far the worst in fishing games i've seen and needs a lot of tlc and tweaks to make that line reel and rod upgrade mean something... Have the heavyiest gear but a little 40 to 50 pound fish still fights like a top weight arapaima which is ridiculous..
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    I agree, especially with number 1 and 2 issues noted! Please read these Stephen. Also, check out the hand motion as it’s turning the reel. It’s super slow, unrealistic no matter how fast you are reeling in the line, the hand turns as if stuck in slow motion and it never changes speed. The rod is only bending at the end and this looks strange as well. I would think that fighting the fish would be one of the most important parts of this game!
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    Agree 100% dbasshooker. The hand animation is horrid. I'm emailing with support about the freezing issues on the PS4 but they want a video so I guess I'll record my next tournament. The game has more positives than negatives and I love it. Just a few things need to be addressed.

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